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Breaking the Encroachment Permit Barrier

For most construction companies, obtaining necessary permits is a major drain on money and resources. Tangles, snarls, and roadblocks are par for the course. Fortunately, Roadway Construction Services (RCS) offers a more efficient alternative. Once on board, RCS cuts through the red tape and jumps over the hurdles on your behalf. Case in point is our skillful handling of encroachment permits, call RCS for encroachment permitting at (855) 907-7233.

As any roadway construction company knows, encroachment permits are mandatory when performing work on a public right-of-way such as a sidewalk or highway. Required to align with certain municipal codes, they may be temporary or long-term. By establishing certain parameters, encroachment permits enable municipalities to monitor work activities and ensure public safety. At present, CalTrans and every city and county agency require these authorizations.

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Why RCS for Encroachment Permits

Theoretically, obtaining an encroachment permit should be a fairly straightforward affair. Fill out an application and get your go-ahead in a few days, right? In Fantasyland, yes. In the real world, it’s like climbing a mountain in the dark. Most companies grope through the process. And after weeks of grueling effort, progress is nil and frustration is high. Which is why you want RCS in your corner.

RCS breaks down the barriers common to encroachment permitting. Fueled by years of permitting experience, our team skillfully navigates every inch of the terrain. We know the ropes, the codes, and the decision-makers, all of which streamlines and expedites the process. The net result is a major savings of time and money.

How Does RCS Facilitate the Permitting Process?

RCS provides expert support during all six stages of the encroachment permitting process:

  • Submission of Application – Includes all supporting documents such as construction plans and traffic control plans.
  • Application Review – Municipal agency evaluates factors such as design standards and safety requirements. Approval is given at this stage.
  • Awarding of Permit – Subject to payment of applicable fees.
  • Scheduling of Inspection – Agency will conduct on-site inspection once work is completed.
  • Inspection – Agency evaluates completed project to verify work conforms to stipulations of permit.
  • Acceptance – Final signoff from Agency.

Quite a bit of territory… But something well under control with RCS in your corner.

Contact RCS to learn more about our encroachment permitting services. You’ll discover why we set the standard for permit acquisition, as well as a full range of other traffic control services in Orange County, L.A., and all of Southern California.

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