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Roadway Construction Service offers traffic safety barricades for all of your needs. We provide, install, and manage barricades for every situation. We even obtain city permits so you don’t have to. Call us today (855) 907-7233 or complete the contact us form to learn more about the barricade services that we perform.

Construction is serious business. If people should wander into a construction zone, either on foot or in a vehicle, they can cause damage to themselves or your property. This is a problem that can be easily prevented when the appropriate barricades are in place. Keep everyone safe with construction barricades from Roadway Construction Service.

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Road barricades come in a variety of styles. The option you choose should depend upon the type and location of your construction. We can provide plastic road barricades that are durable and easy to transport. These are ideal for short-term jobs or those construction projects that need quick barricades. Water filled k rail is a good choice for temporary construction jobs that need a solid barricade. Empty water filled k rail are lighter and easier to move. Once this k rail is filled with water, it is heavy and immovable. Concrete k rail barricades are your perfect option for long-term jobs or even permanent barricades. These are often used to safely manage traffic lanes, though they are the best choice in many instances in which construction will be taking place over a long period of time.

concrete k-rail barricades rental

Roadway Construction Service offers traffic safety barricade rental, we also manage them for all of our clients. We provide traffic safety barricade installation by experienced, certified personnel. We ensure that k rail barricade installation is done correctly. This will keep everyone safe while construction is underway. Likewise, we provide traffic safety barricade city permits. You do not have to go through miles of red tape on your own. We know how to obtain permits and we will do it for you.

We start by helping you get the right traffic safety barricade for your job. We will guide you to the barricade system that is most suited to your situation, always taking into consideration the length and location of the construction work. We will then provide you with your rental. No need to come to us when we can come to you.

The following are some of the safety barricade options we commonly deploy:

roadway construction safety barricade options

Traffic Cones – We’ll start off with the smallest of the group. But don’t let their compact dimensions fool you. Traffic cones offer numerous advantages. To vehicles, work crews, and pedestrians, they provide the benefit of high visibility resulting from their bright coloration. Orange and green are the most common colors, each one indicating hazardous conditions. White cones, on the other hand, are directional barriers. Typically, they show the way to public destinations such as restrooms and entrances.

Cones also offer advantages to providers such as Roadway Construction Service. The big one is their compact, lightweight structure. Easy to carry and easy to store, they can be conveniently stacked and transported in large volume. Additionally, cones are durable and weather-resistant thanks to their rugged polyethylene plastic construction.

Traffic Barrels – Larger than traffic cones, barrels are the barrier of choice when a situation demands more visibility than the former can provide. Traffic barrels have more square inches of reflective surface than cones; hence they’re more vividly seen. They also have a wider base, which gives them increased stability.

Because barrels are equipped with convenient handles, our crews easily can carry them to their intended destinations. As with cones, they’re also lightweight and stackable, adding to ease of transport and setup.

Delineators – Available as a tube or a post, delineators warn drivers, crews, and pedestrians of hazardous conditions. Primarily, we deploy these barricades in parking lots, construction zones, and other low speed areas. Which means you won’t find them on any public highways.

Delineators are exceedingly durable and highly weather resistant, two advantages that enable them to provide excellent service for many years. Plus, they share one more major benefit with cones and barrels – they’re conveniently lightweight. Because of their modest weight, moving delineators from place to place generally requires only a single crew member.

A Frame Barricades – If you’ve ever seen a set of barriers that resemble a line of sawhorses standing on a road, then you’ve sited a configuration of A frame barricades. These barriers are comparatively wide, a feature that provides greater stability than cones and barrels offer. When we need something to stand firm in a variety of conditions, we’ll often go with these sturdy ‘sawhorses’.

A frame barricades feature reflective horizontal beams to provide visibility. In certain situations, Roadway Construction Service enhances this visibility by attaching lights to the top of the barrier.

Utilized primarily to block roads and sidewalks, A frame barricades often are deployed in construction zones and at public events such as parades.

K Rail – When a wall-like structure is needed to provide maximum strength, invariably we deploy k rail. The biggest in the bunch, this barricade keeps unauthorized vehicles from entering restricted areas. Because of its size and strength, k rail offers the greatest possible protection to crews, vehicles, and pedestrians. It just doesn’t come any brawnier than this.

As mentioned above, we may deploy two types of k rail, depending on the situation. The water filled plastic variety is used for temporary jobs since it’s comparatively easy to move. For more extensive duty, we opt for the heavier concrete. Moving the latter type requires specific equipment and an entire crew, so we definitely want it in place for a good, long while.

What Comes After Barricade Selection?

We will install all barricades and even provide flagging operations if they are needed. Likewise, we have emergency response available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Roads aren’t closed on holidays, so we aren’t either. Lastly, when your job is completed, let us do the heavy lifting. Many safety barricade companies require that you manage these items yourself. We don’t do that to our customers.

Roadway Construction Service knows that the last thing you need is to worry about barricades when you have a construction job at hand. Count on us to provide you with everything you need, from traffic cones to concrete k rail. Call us now (855) 907-7233 to learn what we can do for you.

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