Road Closures Aren’t Easy! 9 Road Closure Services from RCS

When it comes to roadway construction, it’s not always easy to figure out everything that goes along with traffic control, permitting, and especially planning. That’s where the Roadway Construction Service comes into the picture—with a mission to set the standard for safety, customer service, experience and reliability.  With Roadway Construction Service, you’re receiving top-notch traffic control planning with a perfect safety history.

If there’s anything Roadway Construction Service can do well, it’s road closures —with these expert services:

  • Single lane closures
  • Two-way flagging operations
  • Freeway lane closures
  • Construction notice sign installation
  • Concrete and water-filled k-rail installation
  • Monitoring of closures to keep devices in the correct positions
  • Assistance with ingress/egress from work area
  • Flagging pedestrians and vehicles for complete safety
  • Set and leave closures are available

Roadway Construction Service also provides certified traffic control technicians and supervisors, which will ensure that your project goes without a hitch—addressing all public right-of-way issues and providing emergency response at all times.

Traffic control requires specific traffic control planning—and Roadway Construction Service has that under control. With certified traffic control design specialists and traffic engineers, you can be sure to receive everything you need to plan around traffic in the most safe and effective way. All plans will specify drawn-to-scale current conditions in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Your project will be set to run safely, on budget, and in a timely manner.

Whether you’re in need of permits, help with a long-term project—including a film or special event, traffic control consulting, equipment rentals or sales, job hazard analysis, traffic studies or more—Roadway Construction Service is here to help.  Why risk it on your own?

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