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If you’re a California decision-maker, where do you go for reliable traffic management service? On whom do you rely on for the traffic flaggers, traffic control signs(pdf), road barriers, and other elements necessary to ensure the safety of construction zones and special events? If you’re like many people facing the same challenge, you call on the traffic control company that fully understands traffic management. That company is Roadway Construction Service. We know the roads from one end to the other. Consequently, we consistently provide comprehensive solutions proven to achieve the highest levels of safety and efficiency on California’s densely-traveled roadways.

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Of course, it’s all about people, right? Well, yes. They’re a major factor on the traffic management scene. But let’s not forget the elements that dispense with words but say a great deal — road barriers. Roadway Construction Service is well-stocked in that department. From Jersey wall (k-rail) to compact cones, our supply of road barricades is mind-bogglingly vast. If you require reliable traffic barricade rental for a project or event, count on us for anything and everything you need.

The deployment of road barriers begins deep in the heart of our strategy center. Here, our resident experts formulate rock-solid traffic control plans. Naturally, these carefully-crafted blueprints include the implementation of road barriers. So much is considered at this stage. Weather, anticipated traffic conditions, pedestrian traffic, potential hazards, and many other variables potentially impact the choice and deployment of road barricades. This meticulousness ensures the development of rock-solid road barrier plans every time.

Traffic Management Services

Traffic Control Services

Clearly, road traffic barricades are a large part of traffic control services. The same holds true for our traffic flaggers. They control traffic and uphold safety by utilizing a special language – flag language. No doubt, you’ve seen these experts on the job, waving those bright flags to each other. Looks simple, doesn’t it? Well, there’s more here than meets the eye. What appears to be simple flag-waving is a sophisticated form of back-and-forth messaging. During the exchange, traffic flaggers are sending updates about approaching traffic, conditions, and other important variables.

These roadside communication skills didn’t exactly happen overnight. Thorough training and ongoing education are the foundation of their expertise. Moreover, all are qualified by the highest certifications, including OSHA.

Along with traffic flaggers and road barriers, road traffic signs are vital for effective vehicle and pedestrian traffic management. Providing an important dimension of safety to work zones and public events, road signage communicates a wide range of directions and warnings. Among the typical messages they send to motorists and pedestrians are ‘stop’, ‘go’, ‘prepare to stop’, and ‘road work ahead’.

Would you like to learn more about our acclaimed traffic management service for California? Reach out to Roadway Construction Service any time. We’ll be happy to provide additional information and answers to all your questions.

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