Water Filled Barricades

Perhaps you must establish a temporary traffic lane. Or maybe you’re responsible for creating a protective barrier between pedestrians and traffic in designated work zones. Whatever the challenge, water filled barricades often prove an excellent solution. Because of their light, plastic construction, these barriers are conveniently portable. The material also minimizes damage to any vehicles that might make contact. Given the advantages of this protective hardware, Roadway Construction Service has developed a responsive water-filled traffic barricade rental program. Flexible in every way, the service is designed to meet a wide range of needs.

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Not surprisingly, water filled barricades often are misunderstood. What are they, anyway? And how can water offer any reasonable amount of protection against bumps and bruises? To set the record straight, this barrier is a strong wall constructed of a hollow plastic shell. Within the shell is a chamber eventually filled with water to provide strength, stability, and solidity. While this solid interior supplies strength, the plastic shell offers a resilient surface that absorbs energy and therefore minimizes damage to vehicles.

Water Filled Barricade Installation

Water Filled K Rail

The superstar in this class of traffic barriers is the water filled k rail (or Jersey barricade). Roadway Construction Service relies on their natural versatility – they can be deployed in a variety of situations. We’re pleased to say they consistently perform well above expectations. Are you responsible for a construction area? No problem. You can depend on water filled Jersey barricades to ensure maximum safety. Expect the same level of safety protection if these barriers are deployed for crowd control, special events, channelizing traffic, temporary lane closure, temporary detours, re-routing traffic, or any other respectable purpose.

Safety enhancement isn’t the only advantage offered by our water filled barricades. They’re also reliably durable – even in the face of adverse weather conditions. Cracking and other deterioration? Not a likely sight. They’re built to last.

Water Filled Barricade Transportation and Setup

When it comes to transport and installation, water filled barricades are the epitome of easy. Hardware such as plastic k rail can be carried and installed by two able-bodied people. It’s just a matter of setting the segmented wall components in the desired locations, filling with H2O, and letting them go to work. Equally easy is the disassembly process, which basically runs the setup steps in reverse.

One other advantage of water filled barricades is their visibility. Typically available in the can’t- miss colors orange or yellow, they easily stand out from the crowd.

As with any other facet of a traffic control project, the deployment of water filled barriers is subject to applicable codes and regulations. This we handle without a hitch. Roadway Construction Service is fortunate to have a masterful permitting team on the job. Their in-depth familiarity with municipal regulations enables these experts to customize traffic control strategies to meet local needs. Moreover, they have long-standing relationships with key decision-makers. Because of this connection, the team knows expectations and consistently delivers acceptable, quickly approved solutions. The upshot? Minimal wait times and rapid deployment. Just one more reason to select Roadway Construction Service when you require water filled barricades for any traffic control project.

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