Construction Traffic Control

The challenges of a construction zone are many. Work crews must be coordinated, materials supplied, and nearby traffic safely controlled. Roadway Construction Service is well-positioned to meet the last challenge — construction zone traffic control. With an array of proven solutions and expert personnel, we consistently maintain safe and efficient traffic flow in a variety of conditions. Rain or shine, wind or mud, we’re ready to tackle anything that comes our way. That shouldn’t be surprising, as we’ve been at this game for many years. Experience is something we’re well-supplied with.

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Effective construction zone traffic control demands a thorough, comprehensive approach. No single solution can get the job done. In our lineup of construction traffic control services, all components must work together. Ultimately, what we offer is a complete, in-depth system designed to address all aspects of construction traffic.

Temporary Construction Barricades

One element of that system is the deployment of temporary construction barricades. Here, the challenges abound. Designed and engineered for a specific purpose, road construction barricades come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right ones requires a knowledgeable, experienced team.

How difficult are the choices? Consider the task of selecting k-rail barriers (a.k.a. Jersey barriers). Typically used to keep unauthorized traffic out of restricted zones, the wall-like k-rail often is deployed to assist with lane closures.

Construction Zone Traffic Control

Once Jersey barriers are identified as the proper solution, other decisions must be made. Should we deploy plastic k-rail or concrete k-rail. Despite their similarities, there’s a huge difference between the two options. Plastic Jersey barrier is lightweight and relatively portable, making it the ideal solution for a temporary assignment. Concrete Jersey barrier, on the other hand, is made of solid concrete and more practical for long-term projects. But the decisions don’t stop there. K-rail is only one of many options in or program of construction barrier rental.

Road Traffic Control

Yes, picking the right barrier requires knowledge and insight. It also requires careful planning, as does every other aspect of construction zone traffic control. For this, Roadway Construction Service relies on its expert team of strategists. Well-versed in the finer points of road traffic control, this select group can be counted on to deliver an airtight traffic management plan for road construction. Each plan covers the full spectrum of traffic control solutions, from positioning of road traffic barricades to deployment of traffic control flaggers.

To develop a workable plan, our strategists rely on experience and an in-depth knowledge of municipal codes. In fact, their acquaintance with codes carries them a long way when dealing with key decision makers and business leaders. These individuals grant the permits necessary for the implementation of any construction traffic management plan.

Traffic Control Permitting

Knowledge of local codes allows our team to develop plans that satisfy legal requirements and easily navigate the process of construction zone traffic control permitting. When we present a plan, all t’s are crossed and all i’s, dotted.

It also helps to have long-standing relationships with many local decision makers. Because of our frequent interactions, we know what these leaders expect and therefore develop solid plans that meet these expectations. The result is a very favorable combination of minimal delays and rapid approvals. One more reason for our widely acclaimed success in the area of construction zone traffic control.

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