Construction Zone Traffic Control

Given Southern California’s busy conditions, anyone navigating local roads faces a major challenge – day or night. The challenge is especially pronounced when a construction project is in progress. Crews, motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and even pets all may be moving about in the vicinity of the work zone. Safety, therefore, must be a top priority for any company providing construction zone traffic control. The protection of people and property is at stake. At Roadside Construction Service, the safety question is thoroughly addressed on every project we tackle. Our firm combines expertise, experience, dedication, and sophistication to maximize safety under all conditions.

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When maximizing safety for construction zone traffic control, we have a depth of resources to rely on. One of these resources is our highly respected team. But we don’t bunch these experts together. These are impeccably rained specialists. Consequently, Roadway Construction Service divides our team into two distinct groups – those in the field and those in the planning room.

Out in the field, traffic control flaggers take center stage. Flaggers are responsible for maintaining order and safety along all travel routes. Utilizing high visibility flags, they communicate warnings and guidance to each other, as well as to everyone else in the vicinity.

Construction Zone Traffic Control Service

Never underestimate the effectiveness of our traffic flaggers for hire. They are the embodiment of precision, having been thoroughly trained in all aspects of their craft. Boasting high qualifications such as ATSSA certification, they truly are tops in their field.

California Traffic Control Companies

Deep in the planning room, a whole different type of operation takes place. Here, our resident experts develop a solid game plan for every project we tackle. One of the biggest challenges, for California Traffic Control Companies, emerging at this stage is the acquisition of permits. That’s right. Our crews don’t just show up and get to work. Proper authorizations must be secured from municipal officials and other decision makers.

Traffic Control Permit

The traffic control permit acquisition phase can be delayed by a tangle of bureaucratic red tape. But such delays generally aren’t a factor for us. That’s because our team combines knowledge and insight with long-standing relationships with many key decision makers. We know what they expect and deliver exactly what they want on a consistent basis, thereby avoiding the costly delays plaguing so many other providers.

Roadway Construction Service also utilizes non-human resources to optimize the effectiveness of our construction zone traffic control. These resources consist of the hardware known as road traffic barriers.

Traffic Management

These traffic barricades run the gamut of shapes and sizes. On the more compact side of the spectrum are the barriers every traveler is familiar with – traffic cones. Light and convenient to set up, cones are brightly colored to provide maximum visibility.

Our k rail (or Jersey barrier) stands in bold contrast to traffic cones. These wall-like barricades are employed when maximum strength is demanded. Because of its strength, k rail typically is utilized to keep unauthorized vehicles out of restricted areas. Available in concrete or the more portable water-filled plastic, Jersey barrier represents a vital component in our range of construction zone traffic control resources. Along with our other traffic barrier solutions and expert personnel, they enable us to maintain the highest safety standards and maximum efficiency on every project.

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