Traffic Control Flagger Service

Within every traffic control plan are the core elements for success. Every consideration is incorporated in these detailed strategies. One of these considerations is the deployment of traffic control flaggers. Thanks to years of experience and consistently sound judgment, Roadway Construction Service excels in the flagger department. When we provide traffic control flagger service for any project, we provide professionals meeting the highest standards.

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Above all, our traffic control flagger service focuses on safety. Roadway Construction Service understands the hazards intrinsic to virtually any project. We’ve therefore instilled in our flaggers a commitment to ensure reliably safe conditions for motorists, pedestrians, crews, and anyone else our work zone flaggers are covering.

Traffic Control Flagger Services

The safety-consciousness of our flaggers is evident the moment they arrive at a project site. Without a moment’s delay, they throw themselves full bore into their task, ensuring everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Typically, they kick things off by setting up traffic control signs and cones. But that’s seldom the extent of their duties. You might also find them helping with maintenance and even checking on equipment performance.

All of this is just the first line of defense when establishing safe conditions. Once the stage is set, our flaggers launch themselves into messaging mode, using signs and signals to communicate with motorists and pedestrians.

For this, our flaggers have honed their communication skills to the highest level. What’s remarkable is that these skills are applied amidst high-pressure road conditions. Only special people can pull this off. And our flaggers certainly are special people.

Traffic Control Flaggers

This job requires more than the raising of signage. Much more. While our flaggers hold up those signs, they also monitor a slew of variables that could affect a project site. These include weather, traffic flow, and road conditions. Basically, flaggers are masters of multitasking and deep concentration. Keep that in mind next time you see a ‘slow-down’ or ‘stop’ sign displayed. Flaggers are doing much more than raising signs.

Is there a set number of flaggers required for a job? Not really. Roadway Construction Service deploys flaggers according to size and scope of the project at hand. If a traffic control job is relatively small, often a single flagger is enough. For larger projects, our traffic flaggers are deployed on either side of the work zone. These teams communicate with each other via walkie-talkie and/or hand signal. This effective ‘messaging’ system keeps flaggers updated and enhances their ability to ensure the safest possible road conditions.
While our flaggers ensure the highest safety conditions out in the field, the development of their skills really began in the classroom. Thanks to a thorough training regimen, all our flaggers are ATSSA certified. As is well known in our industry, this certification establishes an extraordinarily high level of competence.

To reach this point, flagger trainees devote themselves to weeks of grueling instruction. During this time, they acquire a thorough knowledge of flagging safety and communication, emerging as full-fledged experts ready to tackle any assignment. As masters of their craft, they are major reason for the undisputed excellence of our traffic control flagger service.

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