Road Barricades

Without road barricades, maintaining efficient traffic control would impossible. Vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, and work crews would be uncertain about boundaries – boundaries instrumental for maintaining order and preventing chaos. Understanding the importance of these protective devices, Roadway Construction Service has developed a highly-responsive program of road barricade rentals. For us, the program encompasses more than an inventory of solid barriers; it encompasses a complete, integrated system of personnel, equipment, and devices designed to maximize roadway safety.

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A natural place to begin the road barricade conversation is with the simplest and most fundamental of traffic barrier rental – cones. Traffic cones undoubtedly are the most compact of all road barricades, generally standing about a foot high. But don’t be fooled by their minimal dimensions. What they lack in square footage they more than make up for with visibility. Pretty hard to miss these bright-glowing objects (generally orange) when laid in even line to form a roadway boundary.

Road Barriers

Road Traffic Barricades

Another important component of our traffic control system are type 3 barriers. Consisting of horizontal boards mounted on a plastic or steel stand, they’re commonly seen in a variety of locations ranging from parade routes to construction zones. As with cones, type 3 barriers are highly visible thanks their natural glow – typically made possible by diagonal orange stripes on the boards.

As with everything else in an effective system, cones and type 3 barricades have a specific function and place. But what about situations calling for something more wall-like? In that instance, cones obviously won’t cut it. That’s when k rail (a.k.a. Jersey wall) becomes the barrier of choice. Essentially walls of varying lengths, k rail provides ultimate protection against the inadvertent crossing of boundaries by vehicles and other road travelers. Being hard to miss, and even harder to penetrate, the Jersey wall is extremely good at its job. For the convenience of our patrons, Roadway Construction Service offers comprehensive Jersey wall solutions, providing complete concrete or plastic k rail rentals, installation, and management.

Despite our vast inventory of traffic barriers, this hardware essentially would by useless without the people to implement them. On our traffic control team are the very best – a dedicated crew ranging from a field crew of impeccably-trained, impressively-credentialed road traffic flaggers to behind-the-scenes strategists carrying out such tasks as the acquisition of city permitting and pre-implementation of the traffic control plan. And, of course, there’s Roadway Construction Service front-office squad — on call 24/7 to accommodate your every need. This includes providing complete access to our acclaimed emergency services.

Would you like to learn more about implementing the very best system of road barricades for your project or event? Reach out to Roadway Construction Service any time. We’ll be happy to provide additional information and answers to all your questions.

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