ADA Barricades

With all the construction taking place in Southern California, it’s imperative to ensure the complete safety of anyone traveling in the vicinity of the action. Not only does this need for safety cover motorists, it also applies to pedestrians. To help meet this need, Roadway Construction Service offers a variety of pedestrian traffic control solutions. We’re honored to say these include a comprehensive selection of ADA barricades. This group of traffic road barriers conforms to the specifications set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Primarily, the barriers are designed to offer special protection to covered individuals either traveling as pedestrians or occupants of a vehicle.

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As construction activity continues to increase at a rapid pace, the deployment of ADA barricades must expand commensurately. Roadway Construction Service is doing its part to meet this growing need by devoting ever more attention to this important type of pedestrian control service.

ADA Compliant Pedestrian Barricades

Among the ADA compliant pedestrian barricades we might utilize are longitudinal channelizing devices. Intended primarily for crowded areas, this sturdy hardware creates a temporary walkway for pedestrians. What distinguishes it from conventional pedestrian barricades is its built-in no trip feature, providing ultimate safety to all travelers.

As with other barricades in the ADA compliant category, this channelizing device is easily set up and deployed, consisting of lightweight, interlocking segments that create a natural barrier on either side of the walkway. The speedy setup of these devices is welcome by all when tight schedules must be met.

ADA Compliant Road Safety

ADA Barricade Service

At Roadway Construction Service, ADA compliant road safety barricades are only one part of the safety story. We also deploy many complementary solutions as part of our traffic control and Pedestrian barriers, however, aren’t the only alternative in our ADA compliant lineup. Our typical safety strategy includes many other solutions. Protective signage is one of them. Depending on the situation, we can deploy a variety of pedestrian safety signs to help maintain order and protect local travelers.

With our brand of road traffic control, there’s no limit to how far we’ll go to ensure safety. So, in addition to pedestrian barriers and protective signage, we also deploy very special road guardians to help maintain safety. They are known to the world at large as flaggers. Together with road barriers and pedestrian safety signs, they offer a third layer of protection to every safety strategy.

Temporary Wayfinding and Access During Construction

Along with extensive protection, our three-level approach to pedestrian safety provides needed guidance by improving temporary wayfinding and access during construction.

Clearly, Roadway Construction Service prioritizes comprehensive solutions when it comes to pedestrian safety. Services such as portable high visibility safety barricade rental are only one dimension of our multifaceted program. One thing is certain, however – ADA barricades are an important dimension in our overall program of traffic control equipment services. As we strive to meet the increasing need for such barricades and services, we’re hard at work developing suitable solutions that will ensure our preparedness for the challenges ahead. You can bet it’s the way Roadway Construction Service always has conducted business – and always will – no matter what the need.

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