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Every link in the chain counts when Roadway Construction Service designs a traffic control strategy. From skilled personnel to reliable equipment, all elements involved have an important job to do. Consider, for instance, road barriers. Used in a variety of situations, these are particularly vital for ensuring safe conditions in construction zones.

We’ve all seen construction barricades. But seldom do most people think about the effect they have on road conditions. That effect is enormous. In fact, construction zones would be virtually impossible without them.

The major duty of a construction barricade is the prevention of vehicle impacts. Imagine, for instance, a busy work zone without the protection of these traffic safety road barriers. Boundaries would be vague at best, and vehicles would be prone to crossing into closed lanes or areas occupied by work crews, pedestrians, and other vehicles. Obviously, the risk to anything in these areas would be astronomical.

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Road Barrier Service

Work Zone Road Traffic Control

Strategically-placed road barriers greatly minimize this risk by restricting traffic flow to designated ‘safe’ lanes. Workers, pedestrians, and vehicles may therefore may go about their business in a well-protected environment. Work zones simply could not exist without traffic control services – unless they were in the middle of a desolate prairie.

Given the protective duties assigned to the typical road barrier, strength is one of their primary traits. How could anything less prevent the encroachment of vehicles into restricted areas – areas often occupied by human beings? When it comes to sheer muscle, the mighty Jersey barrier is the reigning champion. Also known as k-rail, the typical Jersey barrier stands about 32” high. It may be constructed of steel-reinforced concrete or plastic — the latter generally filled with water. Either way, very little is getting past this wall of strength.

Traffic safety barriers needn’t be the size and strength of k-rail. Smaller road barriers such as traffic safety cones also contribute to traffic control in construction zones. No matter what their dimensions, however, the one characteristic generally shared by barricades is their high visibility. This visibility is provided by reflective surfaces, bright coloring, or any combination thereof.

Plastic Jersey Barriers

Temporary road safety barriers are highly efficient protectors of the highway. Because of their proven safety record, Roadway Construction Service frequently utilizes these barricades for a variety of projects.

What kind of projects are best served by plastic Jersey barriers? The quick kind. Because these road traffic barriers can be transported easily and quickly, they’re often called into action for short-term, temporary projects.

Lightweight construction is what makes these road barricades conveniently easy to transport. Their frame is made of durable plastic, inside of which is hollow compartment for water. In the world of traffic protection, it doesn’t get much lighter than that.

Unlike the heavier concrete K-rail, plastic Jersey barriers don’t require the lift-muscle of cranes and large trucks. That, and the fact that these barricades are easy to move make them very cost-efficient. Simply put, fewer people and less equipment are required for transport. Therefore, compared with concrete K-rail, the plastic variety is much less burdensome on the budget. Not that the concrete variety doesn’t have its place. But that place is reserved for longer-duration projects. If the project will last for days, weeks, or months, concrete clearly is the way to go.

Plastic Water Filled K Rail Road Barricade Service

Without the need for and expense of heavy lifting, setup of plastic Jersey barriers is a relative breeze. It’s simply a matter of positioning the barricades and filling them water, which provides necessary solidity and strength. Because of this liquid reinforcement, the barricades ably protect against the accidental encroachment of vehicles and people.

Water-Filled Road Barricades

Adding to the protective power of these water-filled traffic barricades is their high visibility. Available in a variety of bright colors, they’re easy to spot, even on an overcast day.

Water-filled barricades aren’t limited to construction projects. Often, they’re employed to bolster crowd control at special events. For instance, holiday parades, sports contests, and concerts frequently benefit from the use of these barriers. So do many other events, whether they last a few hours or an entire day.

Sound strategies must be developed for the deployment of temporary road safety barriers. Not only are these strategies necessary to ensure correct placement. They’re also required to secure the proper permits from local authorities. For this reason, Roadway Construction Service expends considerable effort to properly integrate plastic barrier deployment with our overall traffic control strategies. This commitment to thorough planning consistently enables us to meet the stringent criteria established by city permitting officials.

Clearly, safety and cost-efficiency are standout benefits of plastic Jersey barriers. For this reason, Roadway Construction Service focuses considerable attention on these temporary road safety barriers. To learn more, reach out to our team any time. We’ll be happy to provide additional information and answers to all your questions.

Temporary Traffic Control

Barricades such as Jersey barrier are categorized as temporary road barriers. As the term implies, they are deployed for specific work projects and removed when the job is through. When temporary traffic control is required, these mobile barricades are the ones called into action.

These ‘use-when-needed’ road barriers are distinguished from permanent road barriers, which are designed for ongoing use and not connected to a specific work project. Concrete roadway medians are a commonly-seen example of this type.

Clearly, road barriers are indispensable to work zone safety and efficient traffic flow. But they must be properly deployed, a goal consistently achieved by Roadway Construction Service. To learn more about our expertise in this area, contact our team for additional information and answers to all your questions.

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