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In a busy place such as Southern California, the job of providing temporary traffic control is a monumental challenge. Along with maximizing safety, all implemented solutions must do their job with unfailing efficiency. Time is of the essence, and even several wasted minutes can tear a sizeable hole into any budget. Fortunately, Southern California has a ready answer to this ongoing challenge – Roadway Construction Service (RCS) is the area’s proven efficient solution when temporary traffic control is required.

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When Roadway Construction Service launches a project, many variables determine the success and efficiency of our temporary traffic control solutions. Among these variables are traffic delineators and channelizers. These may not be household words, but they are a common site in and around construction zones. Essentially, delineators are fixed components that guide traffic into designated lanes or areas. The emphasis here is on safety. By virtue of delineators, traffic is directed onto routes deemed reliably safe by planners.

Traffic Delineators & Channelizers Service

Road Traffic Control Solutions

Roadway Construction Service offers a comprehensive selection of traffic control solutions including delineators. They might be big, small, or in-between, but they all get the job done with maximum traffic safety and efficiency.

Our offering of delineators is divided into different types. One of these is the channelizer. Deployed in a variety of situations, channelizers consist of various traffic-guiding components. Channelizer drums are one example. Roadway Construction Service typically deploys drums between work zones and vehicular traffic routes. Because they’re relatively large, this type of channelizer features a wide surface area for reflective coating. Upshot — drums are highly visible.

Highly visible also applies to the arrow boards we deploy. Mounted on stands to make them more noticeable, arrows clearly point traffic in the right question. As a bonus, they’re often illuminated for extra noticeability.

Slightly smaller but equally effective are channelizer cones. Ranging in height from 18” to 36”, our cones typically are used in areas characterized by slower-moving traffic. As with virtually all channelizers, reflective coating makes these very easy to spot.

Traffic Delineators & Channelizers Service Rental

Work Zone Traffic Control

Work zone traffic control also benefits from larger road barricades. Roadway Construction Service deploys many of these types, depending on need and situation. The A-Frame barricade is one solution we commonly send into action. Resembling a saw-horse with a reflective upper strip, the A-Frame is equally at home in construction zones, as well as along parade routes.

As far as sheer mass goes, no traffic barricades surpass the mighty k rail rental, a.k.a. Jersey barrier rental. This is the perfect name, as this barrier basically is a wall. When Roadway Construction Service deploys k-rail, we put it to work in the most challenging situations. Its job is clear and crucial – keep unauthorized vehicles out of restricted areas. Period. When placing Jersey wall on a road, we’re not messing around. This barrier must be impenetrable.

Roadway Construction Service has two options when it comes to k-rail. For longer-term projects, we utilize concrete barriers. For shorter-term commitments, water-filled plastic Jersey wall gets the call. Because of its hollow plastic shell, this type is more easily moved, assembled, and disassembled.

Temporary Traffic Control

Naturally, deployment of temporary traffic control solutions requires the human element – a person of impeccable training, skill, and dedication. That perfectly describes our traffic control flaggers. Every member of this distinguished group has been thoroughly trained, along the way earning key designations such as OSHA certification.

Clearly, Roadway Construction Service regards temporary traffic control as a balanced endeavor. In our hands, everything from traffic delineators and channelizers to expert flaggers come into play. Perhaps that’s why we’re on top of the game in so many ways.

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