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Roadway Construction Service prides itself on offering a wide array of services. For each of these, we’ve earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Our program of traffic barrier rental is an outstanding example of the distance we’ll go to ensure first-rate results on every job. This includes not only setting up massive road barriers; it also includes deploying the more compact equipment needed for effective road traffic control. Among these is hardware known as traffic barrels. These offer many advantages not readily apparent due to their modest dimensions. Looks, however, can be deceiving.

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Before getting into some of the hidden advantages of traffic barrels, it’s important to know exactly what they are and what they do. Barrels are, as the name implies, a rounded type of hardware, somewhat thinner than an ordinary warehouse barrel. Contact us for traffic barricade rentals.

Roadway Construction Service often deploys traffic control barrels at construction sites, although their use can extend to other locales and situations. The hardware’s main function in such a setting is to alert motorists of the heavy pounding and nailing occurring somewhere in the general vicinity. The implication is, of course, to be especially vigilant and careful while making your way down the road.

We can’t stress enough the importance of this message. Safety is a number one priority at Roadway Construction Service. By communicating a clear warning to drivers, barrels are one of the most important components in our overall protection and safety strategy. Simply put, like everyone on our team, they do their job extremely well.

One reason we rely on traffic barrels is their unmistakably high visibility. Typically, the hardware is a bright, reflective orange, a color choice making it unavoidably prominent in almost any setting, day or night.

To further the road barrier’s visibility, its orange coloration is set off nicely by a pair off white stripes. And you want to talk about sturdy?! Barrels are stabilized by a solid rubber base. This feature prevents tipping should fierce winds kick up. No, those barrels aren’t going anywhere.

Traffic Control Devices

While barrel deployment is a great way to guide motorists, the hardware goes beyond helping this group; deployment also supports our carefully wrought pedestrian traffic control strategies. You see, barrels mesh perfectly with many other devices such as ADA traffic barriers and various water filled barricades. The result? A total system of road traffic barriers that offers protection to everyone, whether a person is traveling on foot, aboard a bicycle, or in a vehicle.

When it comes to endurance, barrels are tops in their class. It’s the material — they’re generally made of a durable polyethylene, which allows them to stand the strain, come rain or shine. Understandably, Roadway Construction Service relies on this compact hardware in a variety of situation and seasons.

Given their versatility, durability, and visibility, traffic barrels are a dependable and essential traffic barrier readily deployed by Roadway Construction Service for a variety of projects. Whether used for traffic detour management, pedestrian traffic control, or any other worthy purpose, they are among the many fine solutions clients can count on when choosing Roadway Construction Service as a project partner.

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