OSHA Traffic Control

Among its many accomplishments, Roadway Construction Service is known for an impeccable safety record. There’s a good reason for this. When tackling projects, we consistently conform to and are guided by OSHA traffic control standards. Why is this important? Because OSHA, short for Occupational Safety and Health Association, is the governmental authority overseeing worker safety. As such, they provide guidance and standards for a wide range of road traffic control projects. Their standards are designed to protect crews, as well as motorists and pedestrians in and around work zones. By adhering to these rigorous guidelines, Roadway Construction offers maximum protection to both people and property on every project.

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OSHA traffic control is crucial in a busy region such as Southern California. Many facts provided by the organization demonstrate the area’s distinctively high activity level. For instance, it points out that during peak construction season, construction takes place on about 20% of our highways. For this, there are 3,000 work zones. As OSHA reveals, motorists should expect to reach about one work zone for every 100 miles traveled.

Clearly, there’s a whole lot going on in Southern California. Which makes it imperative to adopt the highest standards for street traffic control. Exactly why Roadway Construction Service rigorously complies with the acclaimed OSHA gold standard.

Work Zone Traffic Control

Naturally, OSHA guidelines cover all the specifics of work zone traffic control. Consider, for instance, the organization’s standards for traffic signs. These must be posted at all hazard points in a construction area. Furthermore, OSHA traffic signs must comply with Part VI of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices – otherwise known as MUTCD. This document is prepared and published by the Federal Highway Administration.

Traffic Control Planning

OSHA Traffic Guidelines

Roadway Construction Service has a rock-solid team ensuring traffic sign deployment conforms to every detail of this rigorous manual. The responsibility primarily falls on the shoulders of our planners. Trained to the highest level of expertise, the strategists leading our traffic control planning service draw from years of experience and in-depth knowledge. This enables them to match a variety of traffic management strategies to MUTCD requirements. You can bet there’s a lot of i-dotting and t-crossing involved at this stage. But nothing less will do when your goal is to provide traffic management that achieves unsurpassed levels of safety.

MUTCD guidelines shape our approach to all other traffic control device rentals. Included in this list are traffic signals and other equipment necessary for effective traffic control.

Work Zone Flaggers

Equally high standards apply when we select personnel for any temporary traffic control service. Traffic control work zone flaggers are among the most important of these personnel. As with our other services, flagger deployment conforms to OSHA’s rigorous guidelines. This is evident when we kick off the process with an in-depth training program. To graduate from this program, prospective flaggers must satisfy our demanding standards and qualify for several prestigious certifications. Among these is the certification awarded by OSHA. Thanks to this thorough training, you can expect the very best when we provide traffic control flaggers for hire.

As leading providers of OSHA traffic control, Roadway Construction Service clearly is a reliable resource when it comes to maximizing the protection of people and property. One more example of how we consistently go the distance to build safety into our acclaimed temporary traffic control service.

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