Construction Zone Traffic Control

In a busy locale such as Southern California, construction zones are fraught with challenges. Not the least of these challenges is the density of traffic apt to develop near a work site. But traffic isn’t limited to vehicles. Also included are pedestrians, bicyclists, and work crews. All in all, the area is a busy and often congested place. Now if you look on the bright side, you’ll see Roadway Construction Service – premier providers of construction zone traffic control. When it comes to keeping a complicated situation well-managed and safe, we easily qualify as masters of the art.

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Long ago, Roadway Construction Service discovered the key to effective construction zone traffic control. You might call it the total approach. For us, no single component of traffic management deserves or gets special emphasis. All of them are on an equal footing, each playing a vital role in our quest to keep work zones safe and smooth.

Construction Zone Traffic Control Service

Take, for instance, our method of deploying traffic barricades. This is not something we gloss over. Selection and deployment of barriers requires hours of planning and preparation. During this phase, our strategists plan every step, from the configuration of cones to the positioning of k-rail. Once a plan emerges, all traffic barriers are set for action. Not a cone out of place.

On any given project, Roadway Construction Service typically deploys a wide range of traffic barriers. For ultimate strength, we rely on k rail, otherwise known as Jersey Barrier. The latter’s name is right on the money. The size, shape, and overall dimensions of k-rail unquestionably give it a wall-like appearance and function. Because of its size and muscle, Jersey wall is used when maximum blocking power is required. For instance — when a barrier is needed to stop unauthorized vehicles from entering a restricted area.

Traffic Cones and Traffic Delineators

Many other types of traffic barricades also are at our disposal. These include the most compact of the bunch – traffic cones and traffic delineators. These offer two immediate benefits right off the bat. First, since cones are compact and light, crews easily can move, position, and rearrange them. Second, they’re extremely visible, even from long distances. Very few people miss that bright fluorescent orange. While traffic barriers provide a major boost to road traffic safety, they couldn’t do the job alone. What they need is first-rate support from an able, specialized crew. These specialists are known as flaggers.

Construction Zone Traffic Control Services

Traffic Control Flaggers

To the average passerby, construction zone traffic flaggers have it easy. Just wave a flag here and there, and loaf in between. Not so. Not by a long way. Flaggers are super-vigilant, observing their surroundings like hawks. With so much going on at any given moment, ultimate concentration is a must. What they’re looking for are potential dangers and mistakes, bracing themselves at all times to give warnings when needed.

Flaggers combine their vigilance with superb communication skills. Utilizing flags and signs, they direct vehicles and pedestrians to move along the most strategically safe routes. They also utilize the equipment to communicate with fellow flaggers, exchanging messages with rapid-fire precision.

Effective construction zone traffic control services requires a balanced approach. Roadway Construction Service takes that approach, merging planning, personnel, and equipment into a synchronized traffic control system. The results speak for themselves.

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