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Effective traffic management demands a thorough grasp of many complex situations. Weather, traffic density, pedestrian count, and countless other variables all must be evaluated and analyzed. Thanks to years of successful operations, Roadway Construction Service has an undeniable handle on this intricate process. A major reason for our success in this area is the top-flight personnel we deploy, in the field and off. Consider our flaggers, for example. If you require expert traffic flaggers for hire, you can’t do better than our team. Each member of this select squad is exceptionally proficient, the result of intensive training and this company’s exceedingly high standards.

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Before going into more detail on this vital topic, it’s important to answer the question – what is a traffic control flagger? You might think this is just another city employee stationed along the road, signaling to people with flags. While this is true, traffic flaggers for hire are much more. Essentially, this professional is responsible for safe traffic flow in specific situations. The situations include construction zones, highway detours, and special events. To carry out the critical duty of maintaining safe conditions, a traffic control flagger must perform a variety of functions.

The first of these functions is traffic direction. Yes, somebody must guide drivers through difficult situations. That somebody is a traffic flagger. To assist flagger crews in this duty, they utilize signs and hand signals to communicate with motorists. Sometimes, however, our personnel must go beyond signals and signs by simply speaking to drivers. For instance, they might have to inform motorists of road detours ahead. Clearly, as with all members of the Roadway Construction Service team, our traffic control flaggers are a versatile group.

traffic flaggers crucial component

These professionals also must interact with teammates, as well as with nearby work crews. This line of communication is particularly critical in construction zones. In these situations, construction flaggers consistently signal to their colleagues strategically stationed throughout the project site. Moreover, our crews also keep construction workers informed about changing conditions. But any construction flagger who makes our squad also assists construction personnel in another way – When debris must be removed from nearby roads, our flaggers help to ‘get it outta there’. Again, all in the name of safety.

All our highway flaggers also perform various preliminary duties. Chief among these duties is the placement of signs throughout a work area. Common signs are ones we’ve all seen many a time – ‘Work Zone Ahead’ for work zone traffic management and ‘Road Closed’. And let’s not forget the important duty of keeping track of uncooperative motorists, whose ‘indiscretions’ will be brought to the attention of supervisors. Like it or not, nothing escapes the notice of our flaggers for traffic control.

All the above are excellent reasons for selecting Roadway Construction Service when you need flaggers for hire. Another excellent one is the amount of training received by all our prospective flaggers. To get the necessary certification, students go through a rigorous regimen that includes exposure to real-life situations. When their education is complete, prospects must pass a test that qualifies them for flagger certification. They are then ready to take the field.

Of all the notable characteristics of our traffic flaggers, a fierce commitment to safety is perhaps the most important. These dedicated pros embody the ultra-stringent safety standards that have distinguished us through the years. Every move, every decision they make is guided by one objective – the protection of people and property. Once they’re deployed, maximum work zone traffic safety is assured for all.

Temporary Traffic Control

Our flaggers consistently utilize their expertise in a variety of temporary traffic control situations. One situation that often crops up is the need keep traffic out of restricted areas, such as work zones and special event sites. Typically, this call for lane closures, with traffic barricades utilized for this purpose.

Traffic Flagger Service for Hire

Closing lanes with traffic barricades, however, is only one part of the equation. The human element also is required – the kind of human element capable of split-second decisions and direct contact with the general public. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of our flaggers.

The traffic flaggers on our team ideally complement the hardware barriers utilized for lane closures. Using distinct hand and flag signals, these experts communicate with each other, as well as with the general public and any nearby work crews. When needed, they can signal directions and warnings to anyone in the area. Flaggers in effect ensure the effectiveness and safety of lane closures.

Our traffic flaggers perform equally well in a related area – traffic detours. Relying on their considerable communication skills, they are a vital component of our traffic detour management program.

Traffic Control Planning

The selection of traffic flaggers begins long before project commencement, during the traffic control planning stage. At this juncture, our strategists analyze a pending project and decide on the elements to be deployed. One of those elements is the flagger team. How many of them will be sent into the field? Where will they be stationed? What are their specific objectives? How long will they be on the job? All these are vital questions our strategists must answer when devising a traffic control plan.

Not only is flagger selection important to Roadway Construction Services, it’s important to the decision-makers who grant us the necessary project permits. During the permitting process, flagger deployment strategies are incorporated into any submitted plans. Decision-makers must be satisfied that flagger resources are properly allocated to maximize safety and efficiency.

Our long-term working relationships with decision makers also play an important role when incorporating a traffic flagger team into a plan. You see, throughout the years, we’ve presented many plans to these municipal leaders. As a result, our team knows what they expect and therefore consistently develops workable strategies that gain quick encroachment permits approval. In the process, we easily cut through the common bureaucratic tangles that often delay projects submitted by less-prepared entities. A major advantage to our time-constrained clients. This rare efficiency, of course, applies to any traffic control hire incorporated into our plans.

Flaggers, then, are a crucial component long before a project begins, as well as afterwards when these pros take the field. Roadway Construction Services knows the importance of these experts. Consequently, we’ve developed a comprehensive program to maximize their effectiveness. When your project requires traffic flaggers for hire, you can count on Roadway Construction Services to supply the very best.

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