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Roadway Traffic Barricades Maximize Safety

Construction zones often require single or multiple lane closures in order to maintain safe conditions. But lane closures aren’t just a matter of marking off a few paths. Required are clearly-visible Read more

Construction Safety
While Roadway Construction Service (RCS) regards every phase of our operations as critically important, nothing has a higher priority than construction safety. In fact, the safety of construction zones and all impacted roads is our...
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Encroachment Permit

Breaking the Encroachment Permit Barrier

For most construction companies, obtaining necessary permits is a major drain on money and resources. Tangles, snarls, and roadblocks are par for the course. Fortunately, Roadway Construction Services (RCS) offers a...

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Caltrans game teaches teens safe driving skills in work zones
CALTRANS LAUNCHES INTERACTIVE GAME TO TEACH TEEN DRIVERS SAFE DRIVING SKILLS IN HIGHWAY WORK ZONES SACRAMENTO – In an effort to fight distracted driving and raise public awareness, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is joining the...
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