Plastic K Rail Rental

Which of the traffic control barriers is the most important? All have a critical role to play. For sheer strength and size, however, k rail is the hands-down winner. This barricade, which also goes by the name Jersey barrier, has two forms – concrete and plastic. The latter is utilized in special cases, which, of course, demand equally special preparations and knowledge. To meet the needs of this area, Roadway Construction service has developed a sophisticated program of plastic k rail rental. Utilizing our considerable resources and skills, we’ve fine-tuned this program to consistently deliver outstanding results for projects large and small.

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To appreciate our system of plastic k rail rental, it’s important to understand the characteristics, functionality, and purpose of this barrier — and what makes it unique among traffic safety barricades. A good starting point is its composition. As the name suggests, this k rail is made of plastic. But not through and through. It actually has a hollow plastic shell. The hollow inner space functions as a water chamber. Once the k rail is set up, the chamber is filled with water, which provides solidity, strength, and resilience — in effect, turning the hollow plastic into a veritable wall.

Why go through the trouble of filling a shell when ordinary concrete k rail can be deployed? Simple. Plastic k rail is composed of segments, which makes them comparatively lightweight and portable. The segments are positioned and interconnected, forming a wall-like structure.

Roadway Construction Service routinely deploys plastic Jersey barriers for temporary or short,-term projects, for which quick transport, assembly, and disassembly are required. We can have this lightweight barricade up and down in a snap, thereby significantly reducing setup costs. Always welcome by our clients.

Water Filled Barriers

Plastic K-Rail Rentals

For this type of k rail rental, Roadway Construction Service develops a deployment strategy encompassing four key phases. The first focuses on traffic control planning. To properly deploy these plastic water filled barriers, an airtight strategy must be developed. Leading the way is our team of expert strategists. For them, planning is second nature, as they are bolstered by unsurpassed skill and experience. They come to the table with a full understanding of road conditions, as well as applicable municipal codes and compliance. They also have strong, long-term relationships with local decision makers, which gives them an edge when it comes to knowing what these people expect.

Traffic Control Permits

This leads to a related area, which is the second phase of deployment – permitting. Because of our team’s knowledge of codes, as well as the above-mentioned professional relationships, they consistently secure needed permits, without time-consuming red tape entanglements. Invariably, everything is signed, sealed, and delivered in record time. Again, to the advantage of our clients.

With everything set for action, Roadway Construction Service is ready to tackle the next phase – installation. Thanks to the thorough training of our crews, this process consistently proceeds without a hitch. In their capable hands, a set of disjointed plastic segments becomes a sturdy, water-filled wall with remarkable speed.

Naturally, somebody must take charge of this intricate process. For us, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of our management team. As with all our personnel, these experts have been thoroughly trained to oversee all aspects of plastic k rail deployment, from planning to disassembly. Now combine this expertise with our excellence in all other areas, and you have an airtight reason to select Roadway Construction Service when your project requires exceptional plastic k rail rental.

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