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What’s the biggest challenge when implementing temporary traffic control? Virtually every aspect of traffic management presents difficulties, of course. It’s quite a balancing act. But if you had to pick one, it probably would be this: keeping people and vehicles where they’re supposed to be. For this reason, Roadway Construction Service has developed a comprehensive program for the deployment of work zone traffic barriers. Our premier concrete Jersey barrier service is a prime example.

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Concrete Jersey Barrier Rental ServiceThe term Jersey barrier rental can be used interchangeably with k-rail rental. Whatever you call it, however, it has a major job to perform. At Roadway Construction Service, concrete Jersey Barrier service has been perfected through years of painstaking effort. We’ve evaluated, analyzed, reworked, and fine-tuned all aspects to achieve indisputable excellence. Some would say this finely-honed service arguably is the crown jewel of our temporary traffic control program.

K Rail Rental

To understand the function and importance of a concrete Jersey barrier (or k-rail), it’s important to differentiate it from its counterpart, water-filled k-rail. As its name suggests, water-filled k-rail is constructed of a strong plastic shell, whose inner compartment is filled with water. The water provides enough weight and strength for a high-performance job.

Why go through the trouble of filling a compartment with water? Because plastic Jersey barrier is light and portable, making it ideal for quick, short-term projects. Carry in the segments, set them up, fill them with water, and bingo – you’re in business.

On the other hand, concrete Jersey barrier is ideal for long-term road traffic control. Made of solid concrete, this traffic barricade provides a wall-like division that prevents encroachment from unauthorized vehicles.

Concrete Jersey Barrier Service RentalsGiven its concrete construction, this type of k-rail doesn’t have the portability of the plastic filled variety. It requires a much longer setup and disassemble time. Therefore, when we consider various work zone traffic barriers for a job, concrete gets the call only when we require lengthy service.

Whether deploying the plastic or concrete variety, our approach to k-rail rental matches our approach to other services – safety always comes first. In all our endeavors, city traffic safety takes center stage. This applies before, during, and after deployment any Jersey barrier solution.

Jersey Barrier Rental

What can we possibly do before deployment when providing Jersey barrier rental services? The answer is thorough planning. Well before any equipment arrives, our road traffic control services strategists analyze a prospective project site from one end to the other. Every variable is examined, ensuring the right solution consistently is provided.

Our certified crews offer the same level of professional care during deployment and afterwards. For us, k-rail or Jersey barrier installation and removal is a comprehensive process. It starts with a commitment to safety and efficiency. And it concludes with the same commitment.

Clearly, Roadway Construction Service has developed a Jersey barrier rental program that clients can rely on. Just ask anybody who’s entrusted us with the job. High marks all around. That applies to the many other traffic control solutions we offer. Whether you require concrete Jersey barrier service or any other type, you can count on us for excellence in all departments.

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