Traffic Engineers

Everyone benefits in some way from the contributions of engineers. Each of these experts brings a unique skill set to the job at hand, creating everything from sophisticated computer systems to awe-inspiring high-rise buildings and bridges. All these necessities are the result of unique engineering skills. At Roadway Construction Service, such skills are evident in our resident team of traffic control engineers. All contribute to the community by employing specialized knowledge and far-reaching experience to ensure busy towns run smoothly and safely when traffic challenges arise.

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You always can depend on Roadway Construction Service because our traffic engineers are an integral part of a distinguished C31 licensed traffic control service. What does this mean, and why is it important? Well, the symbol C31 stands for construction zone traffic control contractor’s license. Not just any license, mind you, but an iron-clad assurance of the highest possible standards. The license says our team is eminently qualified to plan a wide range of strategies covering a full spectrum of needs. Basically, the team can handle anything – and handle it while maintaining the most stringent safety protocols. You can be sure that protection of people and property is built into every plan they develop.

Traffic Control Planning

A person who participates in traffic control planning often is known as a traffic control drafter. As with any engineer, each traffic strategist draws on a considerable wealth of knowledge to carry out an assignment. Every assignment is unique; yet there are common denominators associated with each. For example, virtually every project requires a set of permits granting the right to implement certain traffic control procedures. This means every traffic control drafter must know the appropriate municipal codes, as well as the expectations of local decision makers — who’ll be awarding the necessary permits. Our planners are well ahead of the game. When the they present a permit request, every submitted document is precisely constructed to generate a positive response. Delays are not an option.

Traffic Engineers

Traffic engineers deal with a wide range of projects, each of which requires the development of a plan custom-tailored to satisfy specific parameters. Often, for instance, a lane closure or two must be built into a plan. Typically, this measure is implemented to separate traffic from hazardous zones and other no-entry areas.

Road Barriers

Separating motorists and pedestrians from restricted areas also is accomplished through the careful planning and implementation of road barriers. These are undoubtedly among the most crucial components of any road traffic control strategy. Each barrier has a unique function and must be selected to ensure maximum effectiveness. Not surprisingly, barrier selection is one of the most intensive processes of traffic planning. Not only is there a wide range of options – everything from k-rail to traffic cone – there’s also a need to ensure the entire group works in sync as a precision system.

In many instances, both road barriers and road closures are implemented as part of road detour system. Sure, that’s a major load to carry. Fortunately, we can rely on the proficiency of our traffic engineers, who ensure every work zone is protected by their brand of rigorous traffic detour management. One more reason to rely on our team of traffic engineers when safety and efficiency must be maximized.

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