California Highway Barriers

As a premier provider of road traffic control, Roadway Construction Service has many solutions and resources at its disposal. One of these resources is our exceptional selection of road barriers, which we routinely deploy in the interest of maximizing safety. These solutions are so vital to our operation that we’ve made California highway barriers a prime focal point of our company. It’s no exaggeration to say Roadway Construction Service has gone all out to accumulate vast knowledge in this area. We’ve combined this knowledge with extensive experience and innate skill to ensure unsurpassed reliability on every job.

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Being experts in our field, Roadway Construction Service understands every aspect of road barriers. And, we don’t mind saying, there’s a lot to know. For instance, which ones should we deploy? Let’s say we’re tackling a major construction project. How will we keep traffic out of restricted areas? Most likely with k rail. But which type? That depends on the job. For long term projects, concrete k rail gets the call. Being made of this weighty material, it requires a considerable investment of time to move, setup, and disassemble. Obviously, you don’t want concrete k rail for an afternoon’s work.

What you would want for such a temporary job is plastic k rail. Comparatively lightweight and easy to move, it can be assembled in short order. Don’t, however, assume we’re compromising with plastic. Consisting of durable segments, this barrier is reinforced by water filled chambers that provide both strength and resilience to the outer shell. Given the versatility of these barriers, Roadway Construction Service offers clients a dependable program of plastic k rail rental geared to all short-term projects – large or small.

Traffic Safety Barricades

California Highway Barrier Service

When providing Southern California with dependable traffic control, we don’t limit ourselves to traffic safety barricades. Many other solutions help to ensure safety and order on the local roads. Among these solutions is a set of useful devices known as traffic message boards. What motorist hasn’t seen one of these on more than a few occasions? This electronic signage displays warnings and news in bright lettering, providing advance alerts to drivers. Popular messaging includes the familiar ‘Highway construction for next two miles. Expect delays.’ Or the equally ubiquitous ‘Detour ahead. Use alternate route.’ What would we do without these? Calling in late more often is the likely answer.

To keep the Roadway Construction Service team on its toes, unexpected assignments sometimes come our way. Invariably, there’s a certain urgency involved. Maybe a street has been flooded by a burst water pipe. For these and similar situations, we offer Southern California unsurpassed emergency traffic control.

Freeway Traffic Control

Not only is Roadway Construction quick to respond, we’re primed o tackle all types of assignments. For freeway projects, we’ve developed a unique series of strategies and solutions for an acclaimed program of freeway traffic control. You can bet this same versatility is evident in all other forms of highway traffic control provided by our team.

But we take versatility even further through our wide coverage California traffic control service.
If you need California highway barriers and/or any other solutions, chances are real good we service your area. We offer Los Angeles traffic control service, Orange County traffic control service, Riverside County traffic control service, and San Bernardino traffic control service. Basically, we’re as close as you are.

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