Barricade Rental

They say ‘everyone loves a parade.’ It’s hard not to. Most parades, however, couldn’t proceed one step without some form of temporary traffic control to maintain safety and order on the roads. The same holds true for a variety of other endeavors ranging from construction projects to debris cleanup. A big part of maintaining the necessary control in these areas is the variety of barricades intended to keep people and vehicles right where they’re supposed to be. Roadway Construction Service has responded to this need by developing its own, unique program of barricade rental.

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As with all other solutions offered by Roadway Construction Service, our program of barricade rental covers all the bases. Whether the traffic control project is large, small, or somewhere in between, we have the right solutions and the means for implementing them flawlessly. And equally important, we keep the process flowing smoothly, thanks to our system of traffic barricade management. Those who do manage our undeniable experts. They have to be. Not only must they ensure the safety of pedestrians (and sometimes their accompanying pets), motorists (some of whom are impatient), bicyclists, and work crews. They also must be unfailingly adept at selecting the configuration of barriers necessary to establish that protection. Alas, it’s all in a day’s work.

Traffic Management

This level of traffic management begins deep in the confines of our home base, where planning of the highest order takes place. The planners, masters in their fields, cover quite a bit of territory during the strategy formulation process. They must know every aspect of the work site, including topography, weather conditions, potential hazards, traffic levels (calculated for different parts of the day), and a range of other crucial variables. They also must understand the municipal decision makers who approve permit requests. A deep knowledge of municipal codes, therefore, is necessary for success.

Barricade Rental Traffic Management

It is during the planning process that road barriers are selected for duty. Our planners have an array of choices, which are made in accordance with local codes, existing conditions, and strategic needs. One consideration during this phase is road barrier size. Are compact solutions needed to establish a high visibility boundary? In that case, we’ll likely go with cones. Maybe a large, wall-like barrier is needed to keep traffic out of unauthorized areas. K rail is the probable selection to fill this need.

K Rail Rental

But that’s only the beginning of the story. Our strategists still must decide which kind of k rail – concrete or water-filled? For the latter, we’ve developed a first-rate water filled barricade service. The solutions offered through this service efficiently accommodate the needs of short-term projects requiring quick assembly and disassembly.

While most people think of vehicles when the subject of traffic control arises, there is much more to consider than cars and trucks. Pedestrians also must be part of the picture. Responding to the needs of this group, we provide ultimate safety with a full spectrum of pedestrian protective barriers, which include precision-deployed ADA barricades.

Once deployed, our system of barricades functions with well-tuned perfection, offering maximum protection and minimum interference with normal activities. We’ve worked hard to achieve this balance — something every client can expect when selecting us for traffic control services.

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