Traffic Barrier Hire

Depending on the work at hand, busy project managers often hire work crews suited for the job. Not as well known, however, is their frequent need to ‘hire’ equipment for the completion of a project. The need for temporary road barriers certainly applies in some of these situations. As it turns out, managers often ‘hire’ this hardware to maximize worksite safety. Could this apply to you? No problem. Should you need reliable worksite protection, you can rely on Roadway Construction Service. Working long and hard, we’ve developed an outstanding program of traffic barrier hire for a variety of situations.

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Our program of traffic barrier hire is noted for its refreshing versatility. We might, for example, be called upon to supply wall-like Jersey barriers. Contrary to popular notions, we just don’t reach into the nearest supply shed and pull out a barricade or two. That would make for some very unsatisfactory results, to say the least. Instead, our planners put their collective heads together and analyze the situation top to bottom. During this analytical phase, they’ll be answering one of the most important questions that a planner can ask – how long will the project last? It’s crucial that we ascertain this information because the answer will determine which of the Jersey style barriers is selected and deployed.

Water Filled Barricade Installation

Water Filled Road Barriers

Is the project short-term and temporary? Bingo! That’s a clear indication we’ll need water filled barriers. How can H2O possibly be of use when dealing with traffic flow? Simple. These temporary traffic barriers consist of a plastic shell with a hollow inner chamber. The chamber is filled with water, creating a wall-like solidity that provides an ample barrier against road traffic.

Along with its strength, the other major advantage of this plastic road barrier is its portability. Consisting of lightweight, interlocking plastic segments, the barricade easily is carried, assembled, and disassembled.

Concrete K Rail Rentals & Management

For long term projects that might last weeks or even months, Roadway Construction Service invariably goes with concrete k rail. In contrast to the water filled variety, this concrete barrier requires substantial effort to transport, deploy, and remove. Clearly, implementing this option is far more time-consuming than going the alternative route. Because of this burden, concrete is selected only when demanded by the situation.

Do you need one of these ultra-strong barricades for a project? In that case, you may find yourself asking the question: “Where can I find concrete barriers for rent near me?” No worries. Roadway Construction Service covers virtually all of Southern California.

Temporary Pedestrian Barriers

What we do for vehicles we also do for pedestrians. As with barricades for traffic flow, we offer and deploy a full range of temporary pedestrian barriers. This type of temporary road barrier may be utilized in a variety of situations, such as a community parade site or street fair. When popular outdoor events such as these take place, Roadway Construction Service is well prepared to deploy temporary pedestrian barriers to maintain order and safety. Just one of the many solutions available to clients through our acclaimed traffic barrier hire program.

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