Traffic Equipment

Traffic equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, each one with a specific purpose and function. Roadway Construction Service has it all, and then some. No matter what a situation calls for, the hardware will be in our inventory. Whatever you need to rent is readily available ‘round the clock. But abundance isn’t the only important facet of our traffic equipment rental program. Also significant is the expertise required to ensure proper solutions are selected and implemented. Roadway Construction Service has the requisite expertise. Through in-depth training and careful selection, we’ve gone all out to establish undeniable proficiency in all things traffic control. Too much is on the line to allow for anything less.

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This proficiency is vital when supplying traffic equipment to local projects. Our acclaimed expertise comes into play immediately during the planning stage. In many ways, planning is the cornerstone of our traffic equipment service. It is at this launch point that our master strategists evaluate and analyze the entire work zone situation. Everything is considered, including weather conditions, potential hazards, topography, municipal codes, and projected traffic flow. All the critical variables are weighed, molded, and transformed into a comprehensive strategy for the deployment of traffic control devices.

Traffic Control Equipment

Traffic Control Equipment

And what type of traffic control equipment might we deploy. Naturally, the selection of specific hardware will depend on the determinations made during the planning stage. What’s interesting to note, however, is that the equipment can fall into any number of categories. We might, for instance, see the need for cones at specific locations. Conveniently compact, these are among the most commonly seen of traffic control devices. Highly visible thanks to their fluorescent coating, cones typically are used to mark off lane boundaries. Along with visibility, portability is a primary advantage of these devices.

Road Barriers

Sometimes mightier barricades are needed to maintain traffic control. In these cases, our team will deploy more massive solutions, the largest being k rail (or Jersey barrier). K rail may be one of two types. Concrete k rail is a solid wall, designed to provide maximum strength and restrictive power. Given the hardware’s size and weight, it is used almost exclusively for long term projects.

Short duration traffic control projects, on the other hand, normally utilize water-filled k rail. Light and portable, this consists of segmented plastic shells each with a hollow inner chamber filled with water to provide solidity and resilience.

Somewhere between the cones and k rail is the abundance of other traffic control devices we might employ. Delineators are one of these. Taking the form of an upright plastic tube, a delineator is a lightweight barricade intended to guide both pedestrians and vehicles moving through roads, intersections, and other areas in the vicinity of a work zone.

Occasionally, Roadway Construction Service employs traffic equipment that isn’t a barricade at all. You might call these traffic directors. Good examples of this type are arrow boards, which give directional guidance and advance warnings, and message boards designed to display important communications to passing motorists. These, as well as barricades, exemplify the range of traffic equipment available to serve our clients. This extensive supply is yet another advantage of partnering with Roadway Construction Service when precise, reliable solutions are your top priority.

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