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Think of any situation requiring traffic control solutions, and you’ll probably envision orderly and efficient movement on the roads. A top tier traffic management provider such as Roadway Construction Service, however, has a little different take on the subject. When we tackle a job, safety is our number one priority. Which is why, above all, we see ourselves as a traffic safety service. Everything else follows from that. Because of this philosophy, we gear all strategies and solutions around a common theme – protecting people and property with the most reliable traffic control services on the planet.

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A reliable traffic safety service must offer comprehensive solutions – solutions that anticipate and encompass all possible situations. Roadway Construction Service fulfills this requirement admirably. One aspect of our road traffic control program is the deployment of traffic barriers. Crucial components of virtually any traffic control situation, barricades have one primary function. That function is to guide vehicles and pedestrians through safe travel routes, which we’ve established through meticulous planning and rigorous calculating.

Road Traffic Management

Sometimes the guidance provided by barriers is subtle and relatively unobtrusive. Traffic cones immediately spring to mind. In other instances, however, subtlety goes out the window in favor of stark, no-nonsense deterrents. For this, our road traffic management team deploys solutions such as the wall-like k rail (or Jersey barrier). To fulfill the varied requirements in this area, we offer clients an advanced system of k rail rental to accommodate a wide range of projects. When vehicles and pedestrians must, under all circumstances, be kept out of unauthorized areas, k rail is the solution of choice.

Concrete k rail Rental & Management

Roadway Construction Service typically must choose between two types of k rail. The concrete variety is utilized for long term projects. For good reason — concrete isn’t exactly the world’s lightest material. Long hours and intense labor are necessary for set up and disassembly. Clearly, we want this barricade when a project will be going on for some time.

rcs water filled k rail safety

Water filled k rail Rental & Management

Water filled k rail, on the other hand, is perfect when we’re providing traffic management services on a short-term basis. Composed of lightweight plastic segments (which later will be filled with water for solidity), this barrier can be deployed and removed in a comparatively brief span of time.

Traffic Control Equipment Rental

Naturally, traffic control equipment and devices represent only one dimension of our road traffic services. Expert personnel also play a major role in the maintenance of safety. Out in the field, our most notable experts are traffic flaggers. Possessing keen eyesight and exceptional communication skills, they relay warnings to motorists and pedestrians alike. You’ll see flaggers deployed in a full range of situations, from minor road work to complete road closures. In fact, they’re among the most important members of our road closure management team.

Clearly, Roadway Construction Service offers expert traffic safety service everyone can rely on. Wherever you are. That’s right. We cover a wide range of territory with comprehensive California Traffic control services. This includes Los Angeles traffic control services, Orange County traffic control services, Riverside County traffic control services, and San Bernardino County traffic control services. Another excellent example of how we always go the distance.

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