Triton Barrier Rental and Service

When providing traffic control for different needs, Roadway Construction Service can utilize a variety of resources at our disposal. Among these resources is a vast inventory of traffic barricades. This selection includes a commonly-seen roadside fixture – the triton barrier. Given the importance of this barricade, our team has developed an exceptionally responsive triton barrier rental and service. It would be no exaggeration to consider this service one of the hallmark components of our highly regarded traffic barrier rental program.

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To fully appreciate the value of the company’s triton barrier rental and service, it’s important to understand this integral facet of our traffic barricade rental program. First, what is triton barrier and what are its advantages? In a nutshell, triton barrier is a portable, water-filled barricade. It typically is used to establish a boundary between restricted areas and roadways or other public spaces. We may utilize them in a variety of situations ranging from road closures in work zones to public events such as parades or other celebrations.

Triton Level 2 Water Barrier Service

Triton barriers are rated on strength, according to guidelines set forth by the National Highway Association’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). For instance, we often use a triton level 2 water barrier. This means it satisfies compliance with a level 2 test established by the NCHRP.

Triton Barrier Rental and Services

Portability, of course, is one of the major advantages of triton barrier. When our team sets out to deploy these barricades in a designated area, we needn’t lug a heavy load. The portable barrier is made of interlocking polyethylene plastic sections. Inside these sections is sturdy steel reinforcement. Our team simply assembles each of these interlocking sections to create a strong, wall-like barrier that extends as far as is needed. There’s really no limit to distance it can cover.

Temporary Traffic Control Services

Because the triton water barrier is both portable and relatively easy to assemble, transportation and setup times are greatly reduced. That, in turn, translates to significant cost reductions to our clients. It also means fewer hassles and delays, a fact that also ensures greater cost control for temporary traffic control services. It’s easy to see that clients who select us for triton barrier rental are getting more than an efficient road barricade solution; they’re also getting reliable cost control.

But there’s an additional advantage offered by our triton barrier service. That advantage is versatility. You see, there are times when a situation calls for the use of other types barriers in addition to triton water filled barriers. No problem. Using specific hardware to create a link, our crews can connect triton barriers to other types of barricades such as concrete barriers or guardrails. Plus, you’ll never have worries about inclement weather when these barriers are employed. This barricade holds up well against rain, wind, and other unfavorable conditions.

Road Barrier Rental

Yes, triton water barriers offer many advantages. And you can enhance those advantages with an established partner in your corner. For such a partner, simply select Roadway Construction Service when you need triton road barrier rental and service. Any day. Any time. We’re there and ready to serve round the clock.

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