Concrete Barrier Rental Cost

If your project requires reliable road traffic control, you likely have many questions. Such as – what does concrete barrier rental cost? The answer, of course, is — it all depends on the project. Nevertheless, when you choose to rent this or any other solution from Roadway Construction Service, you can bet the cost will be very competitive. Somehow, some way, we’ll make the numbers irresistible. It’s what we’ve been doing for many years, so we’ve developed quite a knack for keeping costs down. This doesn’t mean we compromise on service. Far from it.  Our dedication to high quality service matches our determination to keep costs comfortably competitive. It’s the best of both worlds all in one place.

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Our traffic safety barricade services provide an excellent example of our commitment to quality. For convenience, we divide these services into two categories. The first is traffic barrier rentals. This category boasts a vast selection of possibilities — traffic control barriers come in all shapes and sizes, from the efficiently compact to the formidably huge. On the smaller side of the spectrum are traffic cones, which are commonly seen on SoCal’s roads. Don’t be fooled by the minimal dimensions of these barriers. What they lack in size they more than make up for with superb visibility. This visibility derives from their fluorescent coating, which generally is a bright orange or yellow. Hard to miss these, even on a cloudy day.

Largest Traffic Control Barriers

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the largest traffic control barriers – k rail (or Jersey barrier). K rail essentially is a wall, a fact that makes it ideally suited to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering restricted areas, such as work zones. Our k rail rental program provides both types of barriers in the k rail category. Let’s have a closer look.

Concrete K Rail

Concrete k rail is utilized for long term projects. That makes sense since the material is comparatively heavy, requiring a considerable investment of time and labor for setup. Obviously, you want this barrier left in place for a while.

Jersey Barrier Rental

Not all projects are long term, however. Which is why our Jersey barrier rental program also provides water-filled k rail for ‘brief’ projects. These traffic control barriers consist of interconnected portable plastic segments, each of which has a hollow inner chamber. To create strength and solidity, the chambers are filled with water.

Whether we go with concrete k rail or plastic, our solutions provide the highest level of protection to people and property. That’s something you can count on.

roadway construction southern california exceptional personnel

You also can count on the high performance assured by our second category of safety barricade services – personnel. Yes, no matter how good our equipment, effective road traffic management would be impossible without traffic savvy people to contribute exceptional support and guidance.

Traffic Flaggers for Hire

Among this traffic savvy group is our team of flaggers. Nobody is better prepared for action than this squad of experts. While much of their expertise derives from innate skill and extensive experience, they also have the benefit of rigorous training. Through our proprietary training program, they’ll hone their skills to perfection. And they’ll emerge full-fledged flaggers, a vital component of our temporary traffic control service.

So, do you want to know how much does concrete barrier rental cost? How soon can we deploy our safety barricade services? Or maybe something else? Don’t worry. We’ll provide the answer you want to hear when facing a traffic control project. That’s something you always can rely on with Roadway Construction Service.

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