Traffic Control Barriers

When order and safety must rule the public roadways, various solutions come into play. Among these are traffic control barriers. Utilized in a variety of situations, these traffic control barricades protect people and property while ensuring smooth travel through a given project zone. Clearly, quality and performance must reign supreme when barriers are deployed. And you can count on both when Roadway Construction Service is your partner. We have the expertise, experience, and dedication to push quality and performance to extraordinary limits. Just ask any of our satisfied clients.

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One area commonly protected by our traffic control barriers is the work zone. Doesn’t matter what the nature of the work is. Your project will get maximum protection from our specially selected system of work zone road barricades for traffic control. Roadway Construction Service has deployed road barriers for construction projects, road repairs, and even emergency situations where the room for error is zero. Nothing is too tough or too unusual for our highly trained crews. We’ve seen it all and done it all. And if a surprise rolls our way, we’ll be ready.

California Highway Barriers

You might be wondering how our service can meet the metropolitan challenges of busy Southern California. Many factors contribute to our success. Among these is thorough planning. That’s right. We labor long and hard to develop airtight strategies for every deployment of California highway barriers.  For this mission, we’ve beefed up our forces with a team of incomparably savvy planners. Experts every one, they utilize an array of impressive skills to make precise calculations needed to determine barrier selection. Every California barricade that reaches the street has passed the test of an intensive evaluation process.

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Traffic Control Equipment Rental

What are some the barriers we use? On the smaller side of the spectrum are traffic cones, compact and highly visible thanks to their reflective coloring (usually yellow or orange). When light duty is called for, you can’t beat the cone. A step up from cones are traffic barrels, which are slightly larger but equally visible.

When heavy work is pending, we go with something considerably larger. The undisputed leader in this category is k rail or Jersey barrier. We can choose from two types, depending on project duration and need. Concrete k rail is utilized almost exclusively for long term projects, as the material weighs a ton and therefore requires many hours of setup time. Not something to be removed right away.

Water Filled Barriers

More easily moved and managed is plastic k rail. These water filled barriers are made of comparatively lightweight hollow plastic segments, making them ideal for short-term assignments. To give these segments strength, each is filled with water to create wall like solidity.

Temporary Road Barriers

When it’s time to order temporary road barriers for your work zone traffic control, you’ll find Roadway Construction Service more than accommodating. Reflecting our well-known commitment to quality customer service, our program of traffic barricades rental will offer you the ideal option at the best possible price. An excellent reason to choose Roadway Construction Service as your premium provider of traffic control barriers.

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