Traffic Control Equipment Rental

Are you facing a project requiring effective traffic control? You no doubt have a ton of stuff to think about. Top of mind likely is all the equipment needed for the job. Don’t worry. There’s absolutely no reason to get bogged down in the dirty details. Not when you have Roadway Construction Service available to provide ready solutions. Known throughout Southern California, our program of traffic control equipment rental is top-notch and unfailingly reliable. While you relax, we delve into the details and carry out deployment with uncommon dependability. Sounds good? Read on.

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At Roadway Construction Service, we’re proven masters in the art of road traffic control equipment management. Many factors contribute to this distinction. One of these is our illustrious planning team. Every member of this group understands the intricacies of equipment rental for traffic control. They know this service isn’t just about hauling hardware to and from project sites. It’s about getting everything right well in advance. And that takes through preparation and evaluation. Fortunately, our planners excel in these areas. As a result, they are a formidable force when it comes to devising strategies for the effective deployment of temporary traffic control equipment.

Temporary Road Barricades

When providing traffic control equipment service, one of our primary considerations is the temporary road barricades needed for a job. The selection of possibilities is mind-boggling, each of the many choices having a specific duty to perform. Maybe a compact solution is needed for the simple task of marking a roadway boundary. In that case, reflective traffic cones are utilized.

Often, however, the situation calls for a much bigger and stronger solution – a solution designed to keep vehicles out of restricted areas. Only a wall-like barrier will suffice. In the realm of traffic control equipment rental, that barrier is known as k-rail – a.k.a. Jersey barrier.

K-Rail Rental and Management

Traffic Control K-Rail Rental

Our system of k rail rental has been developed with one aim in mind – to maximize safety. To that end, we’ve succeeded admirably. Credit our unwavering commitment to excellence, a trait that ensures smooth and efficient deployment of all Jersey barrier solutions.

Bear in mind, this operation isn’t a simple matter of planting a wall and hoping for the best. Nope. Jersey barrier rental begins with our full assessment of the situation at hand. This unfolds during the process of Jersey barrier planning.

Traffic Control Planning

One of the top matters facing our traffic control planning is project duration. For comparatively short-term traffic management projects, there’s a ready solution in the form of water-filled k-rail. This barrier is made of a rugged plastic shell divided into lightweight segments. Each segment has a hollow inner chamber, which is filled with water to provide sturdiness and solidity. The advantage here is obvious – the lightweight plastic segments are easily transported, assembled, and disassembled, making this barrier the ideal solution for relatively brief assignments.

The opposite is true for concrete k-rail, another mainstay solution in our acclaimed k rail rental program. As its name implies, this type of barrier is composed of rock-solid concrete. Being much heavier than its plastic counterpart, this k-rail is used exclusively for long duration projects.

Clearly, we have abundant choices when deploying barriers through our program of traffic control equipment rental. But no matter which barriers get the call, one fact remains undeniable – Roadway Construction Service is consistently making a vital contribution to effective Southern California Traffic Control. And you can bet we’ll be carrying on this tradition for a long, long time.

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