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If you’re searching for traffic control companies, call RCS safety today? Why? Because of all the traffic management companies in Southern California, Roadway Construction Service has a truly distinguished track record. Excellence is our goal, and we consistently achieve it on every job. Excellence for us is achieved in all aspects of our business. It starts with our responsive and customer service policies and doesn’t stop until the job is done. And, of course, it includes any necessary follow up service. No matter what the size and scope of a project, our clients are covered and cared for every step of the way.

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Our style of California traffic control has many dimensions. One of the most important of these is our multi lane closure service. Multiple lanes may be closed temporarily in a variety of instances. Perhaps there’s a thrilling holiday parade making its way through a community. Or maybe a major construction project taking place. In cases like these, and in many more, our team may be required to restrict traffic by shutting down several lanes of traveled roadway. By doing so, we maximize the safety of all people and property in the affected area.

Multiple Lane Closures and Road Barriers

When multiple lanes are closed to ensure proper traffic control, a certain amount of hardware must be utilized. This refers, of course, to the selection of road barriers deployed to set boundaries between traffic, bicyclists, pedestrians, work crews, and anyone else in a specified zone.

Triton Barrier Rental

Interestingly, barriers need not be massive. In fact, many are conveniently portable. The triton barrier is one of these convenient pieces of hardware. To accommodate the need for these portable barricades, Roadway Construction Service offers exceptionally reliable triton barrier rental and service for a variety of projects.

As mentioned, the big advantage of triton barriers is their portability. It’s all in their design. Made of a plastic shell, this barrier consists of compact segments that are interlocked with other segments to form a wall of a desired length. Each shell is filled with water to give it solidity and resistance to impacts.

Traffic Control Services

Our traffic control services also provide larger barriers when needed, the most massive being k rail (or Jersey barrier). Despite its size, k rail also is available in a portable form. This is the water-filled plastic Jersey barrier, which, like triton barriers, may be moved and set up with relative ease.

Traffic Flaggers and Traffic Guards

Traffic flaggers or traffic guards supply the human element to our traffic control services. The perfect complement to road barriers, they direct traffic and communicate with each other with hand and flag signals. Naturally, they had to learn this signal language. And that learning was accomplished through a rigorous training program specially designed for all our prospective flaggers. Thanks to this training, they ensure the safest and most efficient conditions, no matter what the project scope or location.

All of this adds up to very encouraging news for those searching for traffic control companies. Call RCS Safety today. We’re wherever you are. We offer Los Angeles traffic control, Orange County traffic control, Riverside County traffic control, and San Bernardino traffic control. So there’s no excuse. When you’re searching for traffic control companies, call RCS Safety today.

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