Street Barricades

From construction zones to public event sites, a variety of Southern California locations may require the protection of street barricades. Responding to this widespread need, Roadway Construction Service has made these protective devices a major component of our comprehensive traffic control programs. Naturally, road barricades alone won’t get the job done. The human element also must play a role in the protective process. For us, that element consists of a team of superbly trained personnel unequaled for their expertise and experience.

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Roadway Construction Service employs traffic barricades in a broad spectrum of situations. Perhaps the most common of these is the construction zone. Every construction barricade used in these settings is part of an overall protective system specially designed by our acclaimed planning department. Essentially, these road barriers are intended to separate roadways from the work area, thereby shielding all workers in the vicinity. They also perform the necessary function of guiding motorists along the safest route as they travel to their intended destinations.

Temporary Street Barricades

For short term assignments, Roadway Construction Service reliably protects affected areas with temporary street barricade plans. One typical place utilizing these devices is a parade route. And with the Christmas festivities just around the corner, these barricades may be getting plenty of parade time very soon.

For these celebratory situations, the barriers will have two primary functions – separating spectators from the marching procession and restraining vehicles from the event area. Often, the latter requires the complete closure of nearby streets, an assignment capably carried out by our specialized street closure management team. The upshot, of course, is that the festivities can proceed with maximum safety assured. Always a priority for Roadway Construction Service, no matter what project we’re handling.

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Lane Closure Management

Not all closures restrict access to entire streets, however. Sometimes this protective action applies solely to a lane or lanes. When this need arises, as it often does in Southern California, we rely on our cutting edge system of lane closure management. As with all our other services, this managerial duty is detailed-focused to ensure flawless implementation. Yes, when Roadway Construction Service closes a lane or lanes, motorists know exactly where to go and how to go there.

You might say that variety defines the range of possibilities offered by our traffic control services. Depending on the scope and duration of a project, we might deploy any number of different traffic barriers. Each will have its own unique features. Are we dealing with a brief assignment that nevertheless requires maximum protective strength? In that case, easily transportable water filled street barriers are the ideal solution. Are we handling a project projected to stretch for weeks or even months? Then we’ll deploy ‘permanent’ street barricades for the long haul.

Traffic Cones and Traffic Barrels

Sometimes, comparatively compact solutions are the best way to go. Among these small but mighty protectors are traffic cones and traffic barrels, each of these offering high visibility thanks to their bright, can’t miss coloration. Typically orange.

Emergency Traffic Control

While it’s true that the deployment of street barricades is the product of intensive planning, even Roadway Construction Service can’t plan for everything. Sometimes an area is caught off guard by event such as a busted water pipe flooding local streets. Fortunately, we offer dependable 24-hour emergency traffic control services. Which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt – at Roadway Construction Service, we’re truly ready for anything.

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