Worksite Traffic Management

If there’s one feature that characterizes Southern California, besides the golden sunshine, it’s the nonstop work activity taking place across the vast region. Buildings are being erected by the dozens, roads meticulously refurbished, walls impeccably repaired, etc. And all of this feverish activity requires something more than energy and effort; it requires dependable worksite traffic management to maintain order and safety. Exactly what Roadway Construction Service offers every client who selects us a partner. With a drive for excellence and commitment to quality, we’ve firmly established ourselves as one of the premier providers in sunny SoCal.

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All that excellence starts someplace – and it’s not at the worksite with all the equipment in place. No, our unique brand of excellence originates with a finely wrought worksite traffic management strategy. To ensure consistently solid strategies, we’ve carefully assembled a first-rate team to develop airtight worksite traffic control plans. Each of these plans is a detailed blueprint, with every contingency addressed and every solution set in stone. The result? Minimal surprises when we get down to action. Yes, we’re prepared when we take the field. Much of the credit goes to our planners.

Certified Traffic Flaggers

worksite traffic management southern california

Abundant credit also goes to our field personnel. Among the prominent members of this distinguished group is our team of certified traffic flaggers. For them, certification begins in the classroom with our proprietary training course. Rigorous and detailed, this educational program covers all the bases, preparing candidates to maintain the highest safety standards while on the job. Thanks to this thoroughness, ‘graduates’ are awarded the industry’s most prestigious certifications, including those issued by OSHA.

Traffic Management Plans

Both in the planning room or in the field, a variety of solutions come into play for our team. Among these are road closures. Frequently encountered by motorists, closures redirect traffic to alternate routes while maximizing safety for work crews. Thoroughly experienced in this area, Roadway Construction Service can implement this solution in a variety of situations. These include but are not limited to those sprawling construction sites seen everywhere, winding parade routes, and battered roads begging repair. As you can imagine, it takes considerable knowledge and skill to close a road correctly – the only way we do things here at Roadway Construction Service.

Road Barrier Rental and Management

Closing a road, as with many other traffic management solutions, requires the right equipment. Road barriers, for instance. Yes, we deploy a variety of these, from compact cones to massive k rail – the mightiest of them all. Because of its sheer strength, k rail sees a lot of action in a wide range of situations. Which is why we’ve developed an unsurpassed program of k rail rental to meet Southern California’s many needs.

As with so many road barriers, there’s more than one type of k rail. The water filled plastic variety, strong but portable, is ideally suited for short term projects. On the other hand, if the barrier is on extended duty, the heavier concrete type is the right solution. Either way, they do their job well.

Exactly what Roadway Construction does whenever we tackle a project. Supported by extensive experience, consummate skill, and unwavering dedication, we consistently maximize safety and efficiency to achieve unsurpassed results. An excellent reason to select us when you want the best in worksite traffic control management.

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