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It’s summertime in SoCal, and let’s face it, things can get pretty hectic here in the land of always on the go. Along with the usual summer action, there are construction projects, public events, and countless other activities adding to the fun in the sun. And to the traffic snarls. Given these conditions, effective highway traffic control is a must. For this, look no further than Roadway Construction Service. Our company is committed to keeping Southern California on the right track with precision road traffic control you can count on. We’ve been doing it for years, so we really know our stuff. Maybe that’s why we enjoy a red hot reputation for reliability and thoroughness. Just ask any of our satisfied clients.

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Here in sunny Southern California, a traffic management company like ours must be adaptable. Every type of road crisscrosses the region, each one potentially requiring highway traffic control. Bring ‘em on. We’re ready for all of them. We handle the small streets with uncommon finesse. Also the larger ones doubled as parade routes. And then there’s the granddaddy of them all – the California freeway. To tackle this, we’ve developed a system of freeway traffic control that can accommodate all conditions. That includes the jam-packed, rush hour chaos in the middle of blistering summer heat. Consider it done.

Highway Traffic Control Service

What type of solutions might we implement in SoCal’s vast network of roadways? Leading the list of candidates are road barriers. These traffic barricades come in all shapes and sizes, each suitable for a particular function. We might, for example, have a light duty assignment requiring minimal restriction. Traffic cones get the call here. Despite their comparative compactness, cones are highly visible thanks to their fashionable bright-glow coloring (typically yellow or orange). And being portable, they’re relatively simple to set up and remove.

Traffic Safety Barricades

Not so the largest of traffic safety barricades – k rail (or Jersey barrier). This barricade literally is a small wall; and it functions as such. Meaning we bring out this powerhouse when traffic must be blocked from unauthorized areas.

Depending on project duration, we’ll deploy either concrete k rail or the water filled plastic alternative through our k rail rental program. The former gets the call when highway traffic control is needed for the long-term. For comparatively short periods, on the other hand, the more portable plastic is used.

Traffic Management Company

While our traffic management company relies on many solutions such as traffic safety barricades, the ones we choose invariably must fit the situation. One of the most common situations faced by our team is the lane closure. This is a major challenge requiring careful planning and precision deployment. But then, we’ve got plenty of practice. And it shows with every closure we tackle. So next time you encounter one of these, don’t grumble or grimace. Think about the hard work required to set it up. Chances are, the work was done by us.

Are you wondering if our California traffic control service is available in your neck of the woods. Absolutely. We offer Los Angeles traffic control service, Orange County traffic control service, Riverside County traffic control service, and San Bernardino traffic control service. No question about it. We’ve got California covered.

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