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If you’re facing a traffic control project, one of the many considerations is the deployment of traffic barriers. Among the questions that will need answering are ‘Which ones will you deploy?’ and ‘What is the most effective configuration?’ Well, put your mind at ease. Through our acclaimed program of traffic barricades rental, Roadway Construction Service answers all the important questions, takes care of all the vital planning, and manages the implementation of all the critical equipment. Which means you can relax as the job unfolds. You’ll soon discover the project is well in hand.

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One of the most crucial facets of traffic barricade rental is equipment selection. For this process, skill and experience are indispensable. Fortunately, the members of our team are well-fortified with both. Having been at this game for many years, they’ve gained valuable insights that combine perfectly with natural skill and training. The result is a level of expertise unsurpassed by any other traffic management company. Don’t imagine that this expertise is unnecessary. Selecting the right traffic barriers is a monumental challenge. The challenge stems from the vastness of possibilities – the variety of available traffic barriers is seemingly endless. Making the right choices demands impeccable judgment. Exactly what our team has.

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Traffic Barricades Rentals

Consider, for instance, the possible choices of k-rail (or Jersey barrier). Yes, there are two ways to go with this barricade – concrete and plastic. Concrete is suitable for certain projects, and not others. Typically, these jobs are the long-term variety. Why are these concrete road traffic barriers the appropriate choice in these instances? It all boils down to weight and size. Because of their material composition, these barriers are bulky, heavy, and basically no picnic to move from a transport vehicle to a desired location. It takes some doing and plenty of labor. Clearly, we don’t want these for a job that’s over in a few days. When we deploy concrete k rail, it must be for the long haul.

On the other hand, plastic k rail is the barricade of choice for short-duration jobs. These versatile water-filled traffic barriers are the way to go primarily because of their comparative lightness. Made of a sturdy plastic shell, each segment of this barrier can be moved easily into position. When it comes time to repack the load, the process is relatively simple. It doesn’t matter if the job is over in a day or a week. Setup time is minimal.

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But road barrier deployment is more than a matter of choosing the right material. Our experts also must base their choices on the nature of the project itself. Are we dealing with multiple lane closures for a major construction project? The chosen barricades must fit the parameters. Is the project a Fourth of July parade moving through a small town? A large city? These factors also must be considered before barricades are chosen. Fortunately, our traffic control equipment rental service offers a full range of possibilities, from cones to k-rail, each with a purpose and a place. Established expertise – the kind possessed by our team – is necessary for proper selection.

Clearly, Roadway Construction Service is the optimum choice when you require a proven program of traffic barrier rental for a project, large or small. We offer the dual advantages of expertise and experience – exactly what we offer on all our other services. Definitely a real good reason to reach out to us when you want the job done right.

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