Traffic Control Equipment

In super-busy Southern California, it seems you can’t go a single block without spotting a work zone. And for every work zone, nothing is more important than reliable traffic control. Roadway Construction Service has the traffic control expertise to meet this daily challenge. We also have an impressive array of traffic control equipment to support our efforts. Combined with top-notch personnel, our program of work zone traffic control equipment rentals and service virtually guarantees success. Don’t worry. We’ve been utilizing this unbeatable combination for many years. The results speak for themselves.

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Where might our traffic control equipment be deployed? Many work zone situations require this hardware. Road closures, for example. To handle this situation, Roadway Construction Service offers a comprehensive program of road closure equipment rentals and service. We cover it all. Maybe you’re managing an extensive construction project that must be insulated from surrounding traffic. Or perhaps you’re dealing with flooded streets resulting from a burst pipe. There’s even the possibility that a mountain road is prohibitively thick with snow. Every one of these and more is a situation that potentially calls for reliable road closure equipment. Rest assured, Roadway Construction Service has the hardware and the skill to deploy it.

Traffic Control Device Rentals and Management

Traffic control equipment consists of a wide range of road barriers. In both size and shape, these cover the gamut. We might, for example, need a compact solution such as traffic barrels. Also known as drums or construction barrels, traffic barrels are used as both warning devices and channelizing devices. In the latter case, the hardware often guides traffic safely away from work zones and other high activity areas. Among the benefits of this equipment, visibility is one of the main ones. Typically, they’re an attention-getting bright orange. Yeah, it’s hard to miss them, even from a considerable distance.

Traffic Control Jersey Barrier

In contrast to compact hardware such as traffic barrels, larger types of road barriers may be used. The king in this category is k rail (or Jersey barrier), which we deploy when a wall-like structure is required. To meet the need in this area, Roadway Construction Service has developed an extensive program of k rail rental to meet a variety of needs. Within this framework, we supply both conventional k rail and the water-filled variety. Being relatively lightweight and easy to set up, these water-filled barricades typically are used for short-term or temporary projects.

Traffic Control Planning Service

Complementing our extensive offering of traffic control equipment is a distinguished roster of top-tier personnel. Operating behind the scenes is our team of traffic control planning specialists, who work long and hard to map out the deployment of all needed equipment.

A major part of the planning phase is the traffic control permitting process. During this process, planners must secure all permits necessary for equipment deployment. Plans, therefore, must be airtight and structured to meet the demands of municipal decision makers.

Supreme expertise is no less evident in the field. Utilizing their considerable communication skills, flaggers provide their own protective layer to the work zone. Together with hardware, these dedicated traffic guards ensure maximum safety for both the public and for work crews.

This perfect balance of personnel and traffic control equipment typifies our commitment to full-service traffic control. Something you always can expect from Roadway Construction Service.

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