Road Closure Strategy

Here at Roadway Construction Service, road closures remain one of our most formidable challenges. Fortunately, we have the skills, experience, and insight to develop the right road closure strategy for every project we tackle. And believe us, we’ve tackled more than our fair share. Something that just naturally happens when you’ve been at this game as long as we have. It’s no exaggeration to say we’ve seen it all on the streets and highways of Southern California. So, when we’re face to face with a road closure, we’ve got a major head start when traffic control planning is required.

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What must a traffic management company keep in mind when developing a road closure strategy? Many variables come into play. Among these is the question of road barriers, a topic requiring intensive investigation before decisions are made. To handle this area correctly, our planners must study the big picture and critical factors such as project duration, expected traffic throughout the day, weather conditions, and possible hazards. All these elements shape strategic direction and barrier selection.

Traffic Control Barrier Selection

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Consider, for instance, the impact traffic density and project duration have on barrier selection. Are we dealing with a long-term project in a high traffic density area? In that case, a traffic control road closure will be a matching solution. Typically, this will be concrete k-rail, which is intended for extended duration projects. When providing traffic control equipment services, however, we also must be prepared to handle short term closures. For this, lightweight plastic k rail would be deployed, as it is comparatively portable. K rail, of course, is only one of many traffic control safety equipment choices available to our planners. Each one gets the same, in-depth analysis to assure accuracy and maximize safety.

Street Closure Permits

Then there’s the matter of permit acquisition, another responsibility of our strategic team. To get the necessary street closure permits, a traffic management plan must conform to local codes and regulations. Thankfully, our planners are well-versed in all the local regulations, giving them the ability to respond quickly with a full range of appropriate solutions. It also helps that they have established working relationships with many of the municipal decision makers. This connection facilitates their ability to anticipate the expectations of these local leaders.

In almost all cases, a road closure involves some kind of detour. After all, those vehicles have places to go. And they need an alternate route to go there. Therefore, closing a road to traffic is only one facet of any plan. Also necessary is a reliable redirection strategy. Effective road detour planning and management must address both issues — closure and redirection — to ensure a workable plan capable of securing municipal approvals. We’re pleased to say that Roadway Construction Service consistently succeeds in this planning challenge.

Road Traffic Flaggers for Hire

As is evident from the above, a lane closure company is more than a deployer of equipment and personnel such as traffic flaggers. At its core, it must be a force of master planning capable of developing a workable road closure strategy on demand. Bolstered by experience and knowledge, Roadway Construction Service satisfies this stringent requirement — just as it does for all its other traffic control services.

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