Traffic Control Contractor

Whether you’re handling a public parade, a building project, a street flood, or any other situation, you’ll need a traffic control contractor to maintain order and safety. In a construction zone, for instance, it’s imperative to partner with a construction zone traffic control contractor that understands the particular parameters involved. Work zone traffic control has its own requirements, necessitating flawless understanding of the unique variables pertaining to the project. It’s also important to have a solid traffic control plan as a foundation. All of these important variables are capably handled by Roadway Construction Service.

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With years of experience, Roadway Construction Service is So Cal’s proven expert in all aspects of traffic management. There’s very little we haven’t done or haven’t seen. Dealing with a pending lane closure? No problem. We cover those all the time with precision lane closure management that prioritizes safety above all else. The same holds true for all our other services and solutions. From traffic control setup to disassembly and clean up, we get the job done right from start to finish. No wonder many consider us Southern California’s premier traffic control contractor.

Traffic Control Flaggers

There are many reasons for our consistent success in the field. One of these is the quality of our personnel. Take our traffic control flaggers. Trained to perfection through our proprietary educational program, this team is ready for anything. The adaptability of this dedicated crew is nothing short of amazing. If we’ve implemented traffic diversions (part of our traffic diversion management program), they help with flag signals. They even form an integral part of the traffic device management system; these devices often require flagger support to maximize effectiveness.

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Traffic Control Encroachment Permits

Of course, every traffic control operation must begin with appropriate preparations. These preparations include the acquisition of encroachment permits. That’s right. No matter how necessary a project, it often encroaches on a public right of way. A necessary part of the job – and a small price to pay considering our objectives. Nevertheless, our crews just can’t just show up like eager beavers and get down to work. We first must gain permission from various government officials and business leaders. To ensure the best results, we’ve developed a sophisticated encroachment permitting program to secure all necessary authorizations. Bear in mind, permitting must cover all aspects of traffic control — from the deployment of personnel to the implementation of equipment such as traffic cones and traffic delineators.

Traffic Control Barriers

When deploying equipment, Roadway Construction Service relies on its expert team – as it does with all other aspects of traffic control. This team decides which equipment is needed and how it should be used. Are street barricades required? Our experts must know which type and how many. Among the most commonly used barricades is k rail (or Jersey barrier). But even here our team is faced with critical choices. Is concrete k rail the right choice? (Yes, if the project is long-term.) Is plastic water filled k rail the needed solution? (Definitely, if the job is short-duration.) Questions such as these must be answered before any barriers are selected.

But that’s only for starters. There’s a long list of other equipment types to be considered. This includes sign stands, flashing beacons, flashing arrow trailers, and those high-tech wonders – changeable message signs. All are carefully chosen to ensure our highest priority – safety. Something you always can count on when you select Roadway Construction Service as your traffic control contractor.

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