Construction Barrel Rental

How do you manage traffic in a construction zone? Cones might get the job done. But often the job is just a little too big. When these situations arise, traffic barrels often are called into action to delineate boundaries and direct traffic. Because these traffic devices are commonly pegged assignments, Roadway Construction Service has developed a finely wrought program of construction barrel rental for a variety of needs. As with our other acclaimed traffic control services, it offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions that meet the highest safety standards while providing unsurpassed efficiency. Who could ask for anything more?

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Traffic barrels are deployed for a variety of reasons, chief among them is their high visibility. Yeah, they can be seen from a long way off. Which is why we use them unreservedly. Is it their size that makes them so obvious to the world? Not really. It has more to do with their vivid coloration (typically orange or yellow). Plus, they typically wear reflective white bands that enhance visibility when the sun goes down.

Temporary Traffic Control

While the noticeability of barrels (or drums) is a major feature, the advantages don’t stop there. Another prominent characteristic is their durable plastic construction. Traffic control Barrels are perfect for both temporary traffic control and long term projects, you’ve also seen them on off ramps incase a vehicle misses the exit.

Maybe the most important construction barrel characteristic is the undeniable effect they have on drivers. One look convinces motorists they’re staring at a formidable boundary – something worthy of respect. Ever see a tipped over barrel on the road?

Traffic Control Safety Equipment

Drivers also see barrels as a stark warning of something major ahead. This typically inspires extreme carefulness when navigating the dusty roads. Which means there’s a whole psychological dimension to construction barrels. And you thought they were merely just another kind of traffic control safety equipment. We know better.

While barrels offer excellent protection for construction sites, they often don’t work alone. Many times, support from other devices is required. Don’t worry. Roadway Construction Service is ready to supply a full range of supplemental devices to ensure effective traffic control in work zones. We might, for instance, need the help of something even larger. In those cases, we’ll often deploy k rail (or Jersey barrier). Essentially a segmented wall, k rail takes formidable barrier to a whole other level. Whatever respect motorists have for construction barrels is tripled when Jersey barrier is encountered.

roadway construction service flagger reflective

Traffic Control Devices

Whether we’re utilizing barrels or any other traffic control devices, there’s always a human side to the job. Every one of our road traffic control services depends on the input and guidance of trained personnel to ensure success. Among this select group is our team of flaggers. Expert communicators, they utilize hand and flag signals to maintain order and safety on the roads. The perfect and necessary complement to all traffic control devices.

Our construction traffic control services also benefit from a group of people who never set foot on a job site. These are the strategists who work in our traffic control planning department. Making careful calculations of hundreds of variables, they decide which traffic control devices to deploy.

Clearly, construction barrel rental is a complex endeavor with many moving parts. Fortunately, Roadway Construction Service keeps the parts running smoothly, which leads to one inevitable result – flawless service consistently delivered. That’s something you can count on.

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